Sand Grease Pupa is one of the main ascension materials for Alhaitham. You can only find it in the Desert of Hadramaveth in Sumeru. Here are the best Sand Grease Pupa locations in Genshin Impact.

All Sand Grease Pupa Locations
All Sand Grease Pupa locations in the Hadramaveth Desert

#1. Tanit Camps

You can find six pieces of Sand Grease Pupa in Tanit Camps. There is a Statue of Seven in the south of this location. So, you can easily and quickly reach this place. You may counter some Eremites and a Wenut monster under the sand near these Sand Grease Pupae. Defeat them and collect the Pupae safely.

#2. The Temples Forsaken

Genshin Impact players can pick up five pupae in the Temples Forsaken. This is an abandoned temple in the West of Hadramaveth Desert. There is a Teleport Waypoint right in the northern part of this temple. Teleport to this location and go around to get the Pupae. They also spawn on the Eastern hill of the temple.

Sand Grease Pupa In The Wild
Collect Sand Grease Pupa in the wild.

#3. Wadi Al-Majuj

Wadi Al-Majuj is in the North of Tanit Camps. Therefore, you can head South to collect eight Sand Grease Pupae in this location after clearing Tanit Camps. Or else, you can use the Teleport Waypoint in the West of Wadi Al-Majuj and climb up the cliff next to the Waypoint. Defeat or try to escape the Wenut Attacker hidden under the sand near these Pupae.

#4. Wounded Shin Valley

Wounded Shin Valley is a big underground temple on the West of Mt. Damavand. You can find five Pupae for Alhaitham's ascension on the mountain in front of this temple. But you must be careful because there are some Fungi around these Pupae. Travel with a strong team to defeat these enemies to get the item safely.

Sand Grease Pupa Respawns After 48 Hours
Sand Grease Pupa respawns after 48 hours.

#5. The Sands of Three Canals

The Sands of Three Canals also has five Pupae to collect. There is no Teleport Waypoint and Statue of Seven in this location, but you can use the waypoint in Mt. Damavand to arrive here quickly. From the waypoint, walk south until you reach a small camp with some Elite Enemies. Therefore, you should have a strong team when going there.

#6. Wenut Tunnels

The best Sand Grease Pupa locations in Genshin Impact are Wenut Tunnels. This web-like tunnel system has 45 Pupae when exploring every corner of these tunnels. Traverse along all tunnels connecting areas in Hadramaveth Desert to not miss any Sand Grease Pupa. Count the Pupa and mark every location of this material, then you won't get lost on the next trip.

Alhaitham Needs 168 Pupae In Total
Alhaitham needs 168 Pupae in total.

There are 70 Sand Grease Pupae in the wild of Hadramaveth Desert in Sumeru. Don't forget to mark all Sand Grease Pupa locations on the mini-map to return after 48 hours and pick up more ascension materials for Alhaitham. He needs up to 168 pieces in total.

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