Alhaitham has been very hot for a couple of months since his appearance and official release were confirmed. If you have saved enough Primogems for him, come to these wish spots to get Alhaitham 100%.

#1. Port Ormos

Port Ormos is the first place the Traveler met Alhaitham in Genshin Impact. Therefore, it can be a good idea to come here and roll this new Dendro character. Alhaitham helped the Traveler to get out of a mess during the Archon quest in Sumeru.

Port Ormos
The first place to visit and roll Alhaitham is Port Ormos.

Many players often choose the highest spot to make the wishing ritual for their favorite character. For example, you can climb on the top of the highest tree in this port.

#2. Alhaitham’s House

You should also visit his house in Sumeru City. Alhaitham comes from Sumeru, and he has his home settled in the capital city of this country. You cannot access the house now, but you can stand in front of his house to call Alhaitham home by using your Intertwined Fates.

His House
Alhaitham has a small pretty house in Sumeru City.

Alhaitham's house is a Sumeru-themed house. You can see this structure all around this city. His house is on a large ground under a giant tree in Sumeru City. Many players even try to knock on the door of his house as a ritual to get Alhaitham.

#3. Sumeru City Gazebos

The small beautiful Gazebo near the Akademiya in Sumeru City is a famous spot of attraction where the Traveler can take a rest. You can also see Alhaitham standing in a Gazebo leaning on a pillar and reading a book. You can also visit a Gazebo to find the Akademiya Scribe.

Gazebos In Sumeru City
Go to the Gazebo in his trailer video to find Alhaitham.

You should go to the Gazebo recorded in the teaser video "Alhaitham: Questions and Silence" to make the wishing ritual. It's a favorite reading location of this handsome bookworm.

#4. House of Daena

As a self-professed bookworm, Alhaitham is often found in the House of Daena - the largest library in Teyvat. Alhaitham may drop by this library to borrow books. This library only let scholars, teachers, and students borrow reading materials.

House Of Daena
Alhaitham often goes to the House of Daena to borrow books.

This library is also a favorite place of the Akademiya Scribe. You also visit this place to complete some missions during his Story Quest.

#5. Lambad’s Tavern

The Akademiya Scribe also appears in the Lambad’s Tavern on the liveliest street in Sumeru City. This hot and handsome man often goes to this tavern to have a drink with his friends and fellows. Sometimes, the Traveler goes there for Genius Invokation matches and Alhaitham sits around to watch you play.

Alhaitham In The Tavern
Alhaitham has a drink and chats with his friends in the tavern.

You can see Alhaitham meet his fellow Vision owners, including Kaven, Tighnari, and Cyno in the Lambad’s Tavern in his Character Demo video titled "Alhaitham: Think Before You Act".

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