Genshin Impact 3.4 is now available with the return of the Lantern Rite even and the first banner of Alhaitham.

The Scribe is a 5-star Dendro DPS that uses a sword as his main weapon. He can slash through enemies with Dendro-infused attacks. Also, he teleports and can catch anyone by surprise with his "An Elaboration on Form" elemental skill.

If you are also trying to pull for the best Genshin Impact husbando at the moment, here are 3 must-know Genshin Impact rituals for Alhaitham that can increase your chance.

Alhaitham Wishes
Ways to get Alhaitham home in a few tries.

Equip an all-Akademiya or Sumeru team comp

Alhaitham is one mysterious guy but it does not mean he is not sociable. You may lure him out using some familiar characters.

In his demo, we can see him having a drink with Cyno and Tighnari (and Kaveh who is not playable yet). Also, it is possible that he has conversed with some Akademiya scholars like Layla and Faruzan.

Sumeru Characters
Equip Sumeru or Akademiya team while wishing for Alhaitham.

If you don’t have any Akademiya units, you can also go for all-Sumeru composition. The Scribe could find some combat chemistry with Nilou or Candace.

In case you don't have a full Akademiya unit, you may go for a Sumeru team. Alhaitham may find some combat chemistry with Candace and Nilou. Equip these characters when you roll for him.S

Stand at his house in Sumeru City

One of the most recent spots we have seen and heard him in aside from the runes and the battlefield is his home in Sumeru City's huge tree.

Although this abode is not accessible at the moment, you can try hanging out around here and hope for a chance he will come home.

Alhaitham House
One of Genshin Impact rituals for Alhaitham involves his house location.

Offer your favorite book or write a letter before pulling

The hunky Scribe of the Akademiya is in fact a bookworm. He fathoms the value of handwritten documents and literature, which is one of the reasons why he appeared with a book in his demo.

Alhaitham is also known to be a critic as he always rejects applications to the library with poorly worded execution.

House Of Daena
Also visit the Akademiya and its library before pulling for Alhaitham.

To get the Dendro DPS to be interested in you, you can, well, try writing an honest and heartfelt letter to him and explain in the most academic way how he is destined to be part of your team.

To try this, you can also hold your favorite book in your hands or just sit in the organization's library aka House of Daena as you start wishing for him.

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