The new on-field Dendro DPS Al Haitham will come to the game soon. It's time for his fans to prepare all materials as well as the best teammates for him. Here are the top 5 Al Haitham teammates you should get and build.

#1. Nahida

As the on-field DPS, Al Haitham must have a good battery to recharge energy. This character has a long Elemental skill CD, which is a significant disadvantage for Al on the battlefield. Therefore, Nahida is one of the top must-have teammates who provides enough energy to recharge Al.

Moreover, Nahida can reduce the Dendro resistance of the enemy to boost the output DMG when she carries the Deepwood Memories artifact set. She can trigger a lot of Dendro reactions on-field and off-field. Besides, the Dendro resonance of Al and Nahida brings your team great Elemental Mastery.

Nahida Is A Good Dendro Battery
Nahida is a good Dendro battery for Al.

#2. Raiden Shogun

The Electro Archon is one of the best characters in every meta with her mind-blowing elemental burst. Raiden Shogun becomes more essential in Dendro-based teams with a lot of powerful Dendro elemental reactions.

Both Al Haitham and Raiden Shogun play as the on-field DPS. So, you can switch between them during the CD of their elemental skills and bursts. In addition, their elemental reactions can also boost the total damage of the team.

Raiden Shogun On Field Dps
Raiden Shogun is also the On-Field DPS.

#3. Yelan

Yelan is the best off-field Hydro sub-DPS and supporter for Hyperbloom teams. Her robust elemental burst can buff Al Haitham off-field. Additionally, it’s easy to build her prowess and increase the damage output by expanding her max HP.

Yelan has been absent from character banners for a dozen of banners. Luckily, Genshin Impact players will have a chance to roll her in the second phase of the next update. If you have got her, you should focus on building this Hydro sub-DPS for Al’s team.

Yelan Hydro Supporter
Yelan is a strong Hydro Supporter.

#4. Yae Miko

Yea Miko had been one of the most regrettable characters before the release of Dendro. But she is one of the most picked characters for Aggravate, Hyperbloom, and Quicken teams now. Many players regretted not pulling Yea in previous banners.

Yea can apply Electro to a large mob of enemies with her AoE elemental skill and burst. Moreover, this Electro applier is also a good Elemental Mastery buffer for Al Haitham’s teams. You should build her Elemental Mastery to make Yea more supportive.

Yae Miko Electro Sub Dps
Yae Miko is the Electro Sub-DPS.

#5. Yao Yao

Yaoyao is the new 4-star in Al Haitham’s and Xiao’s banners. Therefore, Genshin players have a big chance to get her when rolling Al Haitham. Yaoyao is a useful Dendro healer who can be very helpful for on-field DPS like Al. Moreover, she can help Al recharge his energy.

You can also get a free Yaoyao from the Lantern Rite event in Liyue. She is one of the most recommended free 4-star characters to claim in this festival event.

Al Haitham And Yaoyao
Al Haitham and Yaoyao

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