Genshin Impact is going to give away a free 4-star Liyue character in the Lantern Rite event 3.4. With the release of the new character YaoYao, Genshin players have up to 9 options to choose from. Check out who is the best character to get.

#1. Xingqiu

Xingqiu is the best option for Genshin Impact players who haven’t got him or his full constellation. At C6, Xingqiu performs as if he was a 5-star or even 6-star sub-DPS or DPS character. This Hydro character is also the most flexible and useful character who fits every team.

You should acquire Xingqiu to unlock more powerful teams, from Electro-charge, Frozen, and Vaporize, to new reactions like Bloom, Burgeon, and Hyperbloom. Especially, players with Xingqiu C5 are highly recommended to obtain Xingqiu and unlock his constellation level 6 that boost his DMG, burst, and elemental charging ability.

Genshin Impact Xingqiu
Xingqiu is the best character to obtain from Genshin Lantern Rite 3.4.

#2. Xiangling

Like Xingqiu, Xiangling is also a busy character who takes the Pyro DPS role in a lot of teams. This character is available to purchase from Paimon's shop in this update. If you haven't got her yet, you should buy Xiangling now and send an invitation to her in Lantern Rite 3.4.

Xiangling is the most powerful at C4. She gets 40% buff for her elemental burst at this constellation level.  You can also acquire more Xiangling to unlock C6 for other buffs, such as Pyro DMG Bonus for the whole team.

Xiangling Genshin Impact
Xiangling is also a highly recommended character.

#3. Yaoyao

If you have got full constellation for Xingqiu and Xiangling before Lantern Rite 3.4, Yaoyao is a good choice. Genshin players who do not plan to spend their Primogems on Xiao and Al Haitham's banners still have a chance to get Yaoyao in update 3.4 from this event.

If you want to experience this new character without losing a Primogem, send the invitation to Yaoyao after getting enough Tokens from this event. Yaoyao is a worth-getting character who is the first Dendro healer that players have anticipated for a long time. Moreover, this loli character has a lovely appearance, so Yaoyao is the favorite character of many players.

Yao Yao Genshin Impact
Get Yaoyao if you want to play this new character.

#4. Other Characters

There are six characters left, including Yanfei, Yun Jin, Beidou, Chongyun, Ningguang, and Xinyan. Based on your current teams and the constellation of these characters, choose the most suitable character for your party.

  • Yanfei is a strong Pyro DPS for beginners.
  • Yun Jin can support physical DPS.
  • Beidou is a must-have supporter for the Electro-charged team.
  • Chongyun is a strong Cryo physical DPS character.
  • Ningguang can play as a Geo DPS.
  • Xinyan is also a nice choice for Pyro teams.

In short, Xingqiu and Xiangling are the two most recommended characters. If you have got a full constellation for both of them, Yaoyao is a nice option if you don't want to spend Primogems to get her from character banners in update 3.4.

Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Free Character
Other free characters are also worth inviting

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