One of the reasons why players choose to stay with Genshin Impact is to pull for their favorite 5-star characters. It’s common sense in the game community that fans have their ultimate favorite and can spend a lot of effort and pocket money to have them.

However, there is a list of the longest characters without a rerun in Genshin Impact that had many enthusiasts anxious. Let’s see top 5 characters that need reruns in 2023 and their rerun schedule.

5. Yelan rerun

Yelan Dps
Yelan is a character that has not returned in banners for a long time now.

Yelan was introduced alongside The Chasm and this Hydro waifu has been absent for 11 banners until now. The last time players could pull for her was in the first half of version 2.7.

FYI, Yelan used to be deemed as a 5-star Xingqiu. However, the difference is instead of healing, she buffs DMG for characters on the field. Thanks to this feature, she is included in a lot of strong teams for Spiral Abyss.

Some Genshin rerun schedule news has stated that Yelan will return in version 3.4 in the middle of January 2023. So if you want to pull for her this time, don’t forget to set aside as many Primogems as possible.

4. Ayaka rerun

When will be Ayaka rerun banner?

What Genshin characters need reruns? One of them must include Ayaka as she has not returned for 12 banners since the second half of version 2.6.

Up until now, Ayaka has only had 2 banners since her introduction in version 2.1. Meanwhile, other characters that came out at approximately the same time as Raiden Shogun or Kokomi have had three reruns.

Ayaka is one of the prettiest Genshin Impact characters. What’s more, her Elemental Burst can pack intense damage without Ayaka taking too much field time. Her Elemental Skill can also generate a good amount of energy for the team while dealing good damage.

Although rumor has it that Ayaka may have a 5-star skin in Genshin Impact 3.4, it is unknown when she would return in her new banner.

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3. Shenhe rerun

Shenhe Secret
Is Shenhe's rerun banner scheduled for the year of 2023?

Shenhe is one of the first names in terms of “Which Genshin character hasn't had a rerun”. Those skipping her in version 2.4 must be regretting it as it has been 17 banners since her last banner.

Although Shenhe may not be too versatile as other meta supports like Kazuha or Kokomi. But she nails it when it comes to buffing DMG for Cryo DPS characters and Cryo teams in genereal.

Ayaka and Ganyu, with the help of Shenhe, can get outstanding damage. Leaks revealed that Shenhe has a chance to return in version 3.5. Although it is unclear which half it would be, it will be a great joy for all Shenhe lovers out there if this allegation does come true.

2. Eula rerun

Genshin rerun schedule for Eula might be in update 3.5.

Another character without rerun Genshin Impact is Eula. She has been absent for a series of 19 banners since her first and only one in version 2.3.

Eula C0 can already blow away enemies with her up to 500K damage number in just a few seconds on the field. Some say Eula may be returning with Mika, a new 4-star character reportedly going to be Eula’s best support.

On another hand, Mika and Eula might appear in update 3.5’s second half right after Dehya’s introduction.

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1. Hu Tao rerun

Hu Tao Rerun
The exorcist is very likely to greet players again in a banner in 2023.

Hu Tao is indeed the character without rerun Genshin Impact that everyone is waiting for. It’s been 20 banners since her last feature in the game, and the same applies to her weapon Staff of Homa.

Hu Tao is amongst the strongest DPS characters for the gameplay, especially if you want to get 9 stars in Spiral Abyss floor 12. She can hit multiple targets when you group enemies up. Building team comps around her is cheap, as you only need to put most of your investments into Hu Tao.

She does not really rely on her signature weapon or constellations - players can use her just fine at C0.

And the good news is, she has a high chance to return in the second half of version 3.4 alongside Yelan rerun. If this happens, the weapon banner will include both Staff of Homa and Aqua Simulacra.

Remember to stack on all Primogems as fast as possible if you want to get all of them.

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