Eula is a 5-star Cryo Claymore character in Genshin Impact. She is one of the best physical damage dealers in the game, with the ability to deal massive AoE physical and cryo DMG using her elemental skill and burst. In this article, we are going to showcase the best Eula team comp for high DPS.

Genshin Impact Eula
Eula has one of the most damaging Bursts in the game.

1. Best Eula Team Comp (High End)

Eula's best asset is the absurd damage of Lightfall Sword from her elemental burst and her normal physical damage. Therefore, the best build for her revolves around Phys damage.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
EulaMain DPS4-piece Pale FlameC6 (not required)
RosariaBurst DPS Support
4-piece Noblesse ObligedAny
FischlEnabler4-piece Tenacity of MillelithAny
ZhongliShield Support2-piece Archaic Petra
2-piece Noblesse Obliged
C6 (not required)

Zhongli's shield is the strongest in the game. Furthermore, its hold version also provides a 20% physical and elemental resistance reduction debuff to nearby enemies. This boost both Eula's physical damage, Rosaria's Elemental burst and Fischl's skill damage.

Genshin Impact Rosaria
Rosaria is the best battery support for Eula while enabling Cryo resonance.

Rosaria serves as Eula's battery, allowing her to spam Elemental Burst more often. Eula's kit also reduces Cryo and Phys resistance of monsters, buffing the whole party's DPS.

Lastly, Fischl triggers the superconduct reaction for another Physical res debuff. This is a requirement for all Physical DMG oriented squads. If everything clicks, this lineup can provide a whopping 80% Phys resistance reduction to enemies.

Diona can be a decent replacement for Rosaria, if you need some healing.

2. Eula Team Comp With Raiden (High Tier)

Raiden can replace Fischl in the Enabler role. While she is overall stronger at C0, Fischl is a 4 star character who can get higher constellation at lower investments.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
EulaMain DPS4-piece Pale FlameC6 (not required)
RosariaBurst DPS Support
4-piece Noblesse ObligedAny
RaidenEnabler4-piece Emblem of Severed FateAny
ZhongliShield Support4-piece Tenacity of MillelithC6 (not required)

Raiden Shogun is the Sub DPS/Support who provides Superconduct reaction to maximize Eula's Elemental Burst. She can also serve as the on-field damager dealer when Eula is in cooldown.

Raiden Shogun is one of the best Electro support in the game, especially when you want to deal damage with your burst.

Eula's Elemental Burst is the core of this team, which is maximized under the effect of Superconduct, DMG Bonus from Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Skill and Set Bonus of Tenacity of the Millelith from Zhongli.

Rosaria mainly deals DMG by her Elemental Burst in this build and acts as Eula's battery. Zhongli protects the team with his shield.

3. Eula Mid-Tier Team Comp

This mid-tier team comp is perfect for light spender and long-time F2P players, as it does not include any 5-star character aside from Eula. However, you still need a couple of max constellations 4-star characters.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation
EulaMain DPS4-piece Pale FlameAny
FischlEnabler4-piece Tenacity of MillelithAny
RosariaBurst DPS Support
2-piece Blizzard Strayer
2-piece Noblesse Oblige
BennettBuff Support
Heal Support
4-piece Noblesse ObligeC6

In terms of boosting Eula's damage, this team might even be better than the high end team. Bennett is just that good. However, it does not have the huge defensive power that Zhongli provided.

Bennett Wish Genshin Impact
When in doubt, just use a Bennett support

Rosaria is a decent battery, providing elemental particles for Eula to cast her Burst. Rosaria's own burst also does pretty well in the support role. You can also replace her with Diona if needed.

Fischl is a combo enabler of this Eula team comp, providing attack boost and Superconduct reactions. Similar to the previous team, this lineup can stack a total of 60% physical debuff, not counting Eula's elemental skill.

4. Eula F2P Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who only have Eula as a sole 5 star. This is how you can make Eula more effective even with a free squad.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation
EulaMain DPS4-piece Pale FlameAny
KaeyaBattery4-piece Noblesse ObligeAny
FischlEnabler4-piece Tenacity of MillelithAny
BarbaraHeal Support4-piece Maiden BelovedAny

Kaeya serves as both the battery and Noblesse Oblige user. Barbara could have taken this role if it wasn't for her low energy regeneration.

Genshin Impact Fischl And Oz
Fischl's Elemental skill makes her one of the best Off-field electro enabler.

Fischl is still the best Electro Enabler in this team comp, as there's no good alternative for her, especially if you want to take full advantage of the Tenacity of Millelith set. The 3-second duration of the Millelith set makes it rather hard to use on other Electro characters. Barbara's heal can keep your squad up in fighting shape.

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