Wanderer or Scaramouche is one of the most favorite playable characters in Genshin Impact, especially when Hoyoverse allows players to change the name of this character. Check out the most meaningful Genshin Impact Wanderer name ideas here.

I. Genshin Impact Wanderer Name Change

The game publisher lets Genshin players change the name of the new character - Wanderer, which is unprecedented before. You have to complete the Archon Quest Interlude: Inversion of Genesis to change his name.

Rename Wanderer
Rename Wanderer in Genshin Impact.

In the final scene of the archon quest, Scaramouche will give you a chance to change his name. You should read and understand the rule of naming Scaramouche first. Here are some key points you should keep in mind.

  • You cannot use his old names, such as Scaramouche, Kabukimono, Kunikuzushi, and Balladeer.
  • Don't have any space in his new name.
  • You cannot use the name of other playable characters, Fatui Harbingers, and Paimon.
  • Many existing names in the game story, such as Morax are not allowed.

However, the name of the former Anemo archon Barbatos works. Though many used names in the game, such as Kusanali, Ei, Raiden, Fatui, and Scara can work, it's better to give Wanderer a totally new name.

Wanderer Wants A Fresh Start
Wanderer wants a fresh start by changing his name.

II. Genshin Impact Wanderer Name Ideas

There are a lot of available names you can use for Scaramouche. This beautiful puppet has a tragic childhood and a memorable story. Based on his story, you can choose a meaningful name for Scaramouche. Check out the top Genshin Impact Wanderer name suggestions with the best meanings here.

#1. Masato

Masato means a proper person which is the biggest dream of Wanderer. He used to label himself an unworthy puppet of Ei because of his incomplete body. But the blacksmith Niwa Hisahide still considers him as a human and family, which is a rare happy moment in his past.

Niwa Hisahide Was The Kindest Person To Wanderer
Niwa Hisahide was the kindest person to Wanderer.

#2. Arata

Wanderer wants to change his name because he wants to start again. That's why Arata is one of the best names for Wanderer, which means a new beginning or a fresh start in Japanese. He started a new chapter in his life by agreeing to work for Kusanali and removing himself from Irminsul.

#3. Niwa

The blacksmith Niwa is one of the most important people in Wanderer's life, who gave him a cozy family and sincere sentiments. Wanderer nearly went mad when he discovered that Niwa was murdered cruelly by the Fatui Harbinger Il Dottore. Then, he wowed revenge for his dearest brother.

Wanderer Name Change
Wanderer has a tragic past.

#4. Saisei

Similar to Arata, the name Saisei also meets the purpose of Scaramouche. This word means rebirth in Japanese. After many pains and hardships, Wanderer still manages to live and strive to get better. He wants to escape from his painful past and erase his old sins to live a better life.

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