The new event Across The Wilderness Genshin Impact brings players a lot of fun and tons of rewards. Check out everything about this wilderness exploration event and get some useful tips for quick and easy Primogems.

I. Across the Wilderness Genshin Date

Hoyoverse has announced the Across the wilderness Genshin release date at the beginning of 2023. This is a great chance for Genshin players to chill out with interesting exploration trips, practice parkour skills, and get tons of rewards. This event is only available to participate in between Jan 3rd and 13th.

Genshin Impact Across The Wilderness Event
Take part in the balloon hunting event.

You must fulfill some requirements to be eligible for this entertaining event.

  • Reach at least AR 20;
  • Complete the Archon Quest " Song of the Dragon and Freedom" in Prologue Act 3.

The event has five mission days only that are all unlocked on January 7th. Besides, you are allowed to complete all those missions in one day after that date. Therefore, you still have an opportunity to join this exploration trip.

II. Must-know Rules & Tips

Participants can check the event menu and play Across the Wilderness via the signboard in Mondstadt City. It’s next to the NPC Vinkel. Only two out of five stages have been unlocked until today, but it’s enough for you to test and understand the gameplay as well as figure out some tips. Understanding the gameplay and having wise tips help you complete the event missions easily.

Complete The Beginning Quest
Complete the beginning quest.

#1. Wilderness Gadget

The first step in Across the Wilderness is equipping the event gadget. You will get a Wilderness Compass to locate balloons. This compass is available in your inventory after you complete the beginning quest.

#2. Skills

In the Match Preparation board, players need to select Configure option to pick the skill. There are four skills you can pick in this event game, including:

Skills Effects
Leapbless Let your character jumps higher
Windbless Summon a wind current to let your character fly up in the vicinity
Treasurebless Expand the search radius of Wilderness Balloon
  • Let your character move faster;
  • Expand the search radius of Wilderness Balloon
Configure Skills
Configure skills before the match.

Treasurebless and Scoutbless seem to be more useful when you have already had Kazuha and Wanderer, who can jump higher and fly up without using Leapbless and Windbless skills. Besides, you should pick the proper skill for each map.

#3. Wilderness Balloons

After selecting the proper skill, you start to search Wilderness Balloons on the given maps. Participants have to collect all balloons in the set location within the given time. Each map is unlocked every day for 5 days. You can play in the single mode or co-op mode.

Choose Proper Skill And Characters
Choose proper skills and characters to hunt balloons.

III. Across the Wilderness Genshin Rewards

You can get a lot of Across the Wilderness Genshin Primogems and many rare materials. For each completed mission, you get a corresponding set of rewards. At the end of the day, each participant can earn 80 Primogems and 40,000 Mora per day, and other valuable materials, such as:

  • Hero's Wit x2 per day;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x8 per day;
  • Character Talent Level-up materials.

In short, this adventure event gives players 400 Primogems, 200,000 Mora, and tons of rewards in total. Don't miss this interesting balloon-hunting game and these benefits from Genshin Impact.

Get 400 Primogems
Get 400 Primogems

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