Looks like MiHoYo's attempt to prevent Genshin leaks has failed once again. A huge leak wave has just been released, revealing the model of the Hydro Archon, alongside details of various Fontaine characters. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything leaked so far of Genshin Impact Fontaine.

1. Hydro Archon models

Previous leaks have revealed that there will be 2 Hydro Archons: the current Archon unseated the old one and took her gnosis, with the old one trying to return to power. Apparently, the current Archon is fair and just, while the old one is manipulative and sly. It is yet to be seen if the player would take whose side this time. Fontaine should come out somewhere between August and September 2023.

Below are the models for the two Archons:

The Hydro Archons

The left model resembles Honkai's Durandal, with an adult female model with blonde hair. The right model resembles Honkai's Seele, with a teen female model with blue-white hair. It is unclear which is the current Archon and which is the previous Archon, but the previous Archon would use the Geo element and has a Geo vision, while the current Archon would obviously be Hydro and has a Gnosis.

Additionally, the Hydro Archon apparently would be a Claymore user. This might be legit since no Archon uses Claymore or Sword so far. The gold character is apparently the head of the Light faction while the blue character is the head of the Darkness/Desolation/Wasteland faction.

If the color of her dress fits her element, the blonde model should use the Geo element.
Detailed model

As all of these are in development, MiHoYo could change them at any time.

2. Other character leaks

Outside of the two archons, a couple more character designs have been leaked. However, they are pretty much censored to hell and back, so we can only see their figure.

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6 females leaked so far, one male (likely to be Lyney)

Apparently, there will be 11 new characters in Fontaine. As usual, the ratio is skewed toward females - out of the 11 only 3 are males, with the rest being female.

Model breakdown: 5 teenage girls, 2 tall women, 1 young girl, 2 tall men, 1 young boy.

Fontaine Wing Glider

The 4 star Fontaine glider looks rather unremarkable.

3. About Fontaine's location and size

Thanks to new leaks from genshinBLANK, it is revealed that Fontaine lies to the north of Sumeru, where it connects to Liyue's Qiaoying Village. Ruled by the yet unnamed Hydro Archon, Fontaine values justice above all else. The Hydro Archon enforces its laws strictly, making this region one with some very harsh punishments for rulebreakers.

Nahida revealed a bit about the Hydro archon

However, the nation also seems to prize technology and the arts. It even has a newspaper publication read all across Teyvat known as “The Steambird.” Most of the information surrounding Fontaine, however, comes from its NPCs. The country seems to be fairly advanced, with a high level of technology development compared to the rest of the Teyvat nations.

Speculative map about the location of Fontaine.

Given the size of the missing area between Liyue, Sumeru, and Mondstadt, Fontaine might be a very sizable nation. It is likely inspired by real-world France in the 1900s, based on the NPC's attire. The name of the nation is also “fountain” in French, which is fitting since it’s governed by the Hydro Archon.

4. About Fontaine City

After Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, the most recent Genshin Impact major update introduced another nation to the game named Sumeru. Even though players are yet to experience all of Sumeru's parts, more information about the upcoming Fontaine region has just been revealed.

As every region in the game represents a real-life place, rumors have been hinting that Fontaine is based on France.

The leaked video above reveals a rough model of a Fontaine city, likely to be the main one. The most interesting about it is that the whole city is attached to a vertical surface, which means it could be sticking out of a waterfall. This is a highly illogical design for a real life city, but since Genshin Impact is a world of magic, pretty much anything goes.

Some fans have started theorizing that the city could be separated into an upper part where the nobles would live and an underground level where the rest would be located. Below are some of the most notable details of the leaked city:

  • A lot of blue textures
  • Many buildings are clustered together
  • There could be some steampunk elements when it comes to architecture
  • The city seems to be built in a way that favors vertical travel
  • The region appears to be surrounded by a waterfall

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