Many playable characters are going to celebrate their Genshin Impact birthdays in January 2023. Check out all upcoming playable characters with birthdays this month. You also receive many early birthday gifts on their birthdays which are special and attractive.

#1. Wanderer

Wanderer or Scaramouche celebrated his birthday on January 3rd. He is the first character to celebrate his birthday this year. Players received three signature dishes of this new character on this special date via the in-game email, including:

  • Shimi Chazuke x1;
  • Delicious Candied Ajilenakh Nuts x3;
  • Delicious Baklava x3.

Next year, this birthday gift set can be changed, which is exciting and desirable.

Wanderer, a.k.a Scaramouche is the latest 5-star character in Genshin Impact. He is also one of the top favorite characters in this game. He is not only handsome but also powerful. Moreover, Wanderer is also a strong Anemo DPS with impressive gameplay.

Wanderers Birthday
Wanderer's birthday is the earliest Genshin Impact birthday until now.

#2. Thoma

Thoma will celebrate his next birthday on Jan 9th, 2023. This man comes from Inazuma, so he often enjoys the favorite traditional dishes of his nation on special days. On the previous birthday of the Kamisato clan's handsome housekeeper, players received three signature dishes of Thoma:

  • Delicious Butter Crab;
  • Delicious Mixed Yakisoba;
  • Warmth.

The reward for Thoma's birthday can be changed in the upcoming birthday celebration. You will receive those Inazuma local dishes for the birthday celebration of this handsome character soon.

Thomas Birthday
You will receive Thoma's signature dishes or materials on his birthday.

#3. Diona

Diona celebrates her birthday on Jan 18th every year. This adorable character is a famous bartender in The Cat's Tail tavern in Mondstadt City. Though she is a bartender, Diona does not like alcohol. She often gives players some local items on her birthday.

On her birthday in 2022, players received Loach Pearls and Luminescent Spines. Her birthday gifts this year are still unknown, but they could be some materials or dishes that make you remind of this Loli bartender coming from Mondstadt.

Dionas Birthday
Diona's birthday is coming soon.

Diona is widely loved for her lovely appearance and bold characteristics. Besides, she is the daughter of the famous hunter - Draff in Mondstaff, who is an alcoholic man. It's also the reason why Diona hate wine and alcoholic drinks.

#4. Rosaria

Rosaria's birthday is on Jan 24th. She was released on April 2021. Therefore, she celebrated her first birthday in Genshin Impact in 2022. Last year, players received ten Windwheel Asters and a Dinner of Judgment, which is the signature dish of Rosaria.

The birthday gift for Rosaria can be some different Mondstadt-theme materials for this beautiful lady. Those birthday rewards will be saved in the in-game mailbox for 30 days from the sending date. Log into the game and claim rewards before the mail is expired.

Rosarias Birthday
Let's celebrate Rosaria's birthday in the final week of January.

These four characters are the first girls and boys to have their birthdays in the first month of 2023. Just say happy birthday to them and love them more this year and many years later.

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