Poise is a hidden attribute in Genshin Impact that is only written in the game codes. Though it's not displayed in the game, you should understand Poise damage because this interruption resistance attribute will affect your performance. Learn what Genshin Impact Poise here.

I. What Is POISE?

Every playable character and challengable enemy and boss has an invisible Poise bar. It's not displayed on your phone or PC screen when you play Genshin Impact, but the game codes calculate poise damage and show you the total damage points on the screen.

Unlike the HP bar and stamina bar, the Poise bar starts at zero point. Then, it increases when the character or enemy gets hit. When this bar is full, every attack, reaction, and skill of the subject will be interrupted. That's why Poise is known as the Interruption Resistance.

Every Playable Units Has Poise
Every playable unit has a Poise bar.

II. POISE Damage

Every attack in Genshin Impact has a hidden Poise damage attribute. The higher this attribute of the attack is, the faster the Interruption Resistance bar of the hit target is filled. Therefore, the Poise bar length of each playable character and enemy in Genshin Impact is different.

If their Poise bar is long, that character has better Interruption Resistance. It means that they are less interrupted. Those characters can be more powerful and useful in some combat and mission when they can release more attacks and trigger more reactions before the interruption.

Understand Poise To Play Better
Understand POISE to play better.

III. Poise Uses & Tips

Genshin Impact players cannot build and change the Poise attribute of their characters But understanding Poise also helps them play better in some cases.

  • Evade the enemy's attacks or use a strong shield to stop the Poise bar from increasing and avoid getting interrupted early and frequently.
  • Your characters do not get Poise damage during the animation of the elemental bursts. Therefore, you should use a useful battery and increase the Energy Recharge to charge their bursts quickly and use it more frequently.
  • Increase the character's level and minimize the level gap between your character with the enemy. The level difference also affects the Poise damage. You can also reduce the world level to reduce the enemy's level.
  • Melee characters often have longer Poise bars than bow and catalyst users. Therefore, characters using claymore, sword, and polearm are less controlled and interrupted by Poise.
  • The Poise bar length will be multiplied by the number of the joined players in the co-op mode. For example, when you team up with three other players, the Poise bar of your characters will be 4-time longer.
Strong Boss Has Longer Poise Bar
Strong boss has a longer Poise bar.

IV. Best Characters & Special Cases

Some characters and skills have almost endless Poise bar. Therefore, these characters are sometimes more useful in countering ultimate bosses.

  • Nahida in her elemental skill stage;
  • Fischl in releasing Oz during the elemental burst animation;
  • Beidou and Yunjin in the stage of their elemental skills;
  • Raiden Shogun during the effective period of her elemental burst;
  • Zhongli in his shield;
  • Itto's charge attack;
  • Hutao C6 with low HP;
  • Every character in the shield or in their elemental burst animation.
Nahida Has Unlimited Poise Bar In Her Elemental Sk
Nahida has an unlimited Poise bar in her elemental skill.

Though Genshin Impact Poise damage is an invisible attribute, it affects your gaming experience and gameplay a lot, especially in different challenges, such as Spiral Abyss.

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