Rosaria is a 4-star Cryo Polearm who has a versatile and powerful kit, capable of filling many roles and performing all of them admirably. If you want to build a team around Cryo, she is one of the best.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best teammates for Rosaria in Genshin Impact 2023.

1. Ganyu

Ganyu has a powerful Burst that also boosts the team’s Cryo damage, and can fill in rotation gaps with her charged shots. She can also provide taunts, which combined with Freeze’s innate CC, can potentially be enough defensive utility for players to run without healers.

Ganyu Banner Rerun
Ganyu can definitely use Rosaria's Crit sharing.

That said, she is not the best option for Quickswap, and her inclusion often shifts the team to a different playstyle. Nonetheless, her damage profile is significant and she is an excellent inclusion.

2. Shenhe

Shenhe has potential in Rosaria Freeze teams. Due to not needing 4BS, she can alleviate competition for the artifact, and instead can provide sizable buffs through her A1, A4, Burst, 4NO all while contributing personal damage through her Icy Quills. The Quickswap nature of the composition also allows her to refresh said Icy Quills throughout the rotation.

Shenhe Secret
You can actually build a Mono-Cryo team around Shenhe.

However, her 20 second cooldown, lower personal damage, and ER needs raise some caveats to her use, but she is nonetheless a solid option. She can also uniquely enable Mono-Cryo by replacing the Hydro unit for an additional Cryo flex. While generally weaker than Freeze, it is better when enemies cannot be Frozen.

3. Ayaka

Ayaka’s Burst is incredibly powerful, but is limited by its high cost. This necessitates the inclusion of an additional Cryo, and Rosaria fills this role well. Ayaka works best against low mob counts with high HP, so she can make full use of her devastating Elemental Burst. She will also typically take some field time to use her Charged Attacks, though not nearly enough to classify her as a selfish carry.

4. Kazuha

Kazuha is, undoubtedly, the strongest damage option for Rosaria teams. A low cooldown Skill with strong grouping, a 15 second cooldown Burst, 4 VV, and significant personal damage cement him as a worthy contender already, but his A4 talent—providing 30-40% Elemental Damage Bonus for the rest of the team—is what allows him to shine over others.

Kazuha Is The Most Used
Kazuha is so versatile he can be part of any team.

5. Venti

While he does not provide the Elemental Damage Bonus Kazuha can, Venti has the strongest grouping potential in the game, and combined with his significant personal damage, low cooldown Skill, and Energy refund his power cannot be ignored. However, some units may struggle to reach into his Burst, including Rosaria herself, although Frozen enemies will not be lifted by his Burst.

6. Mona

Mona’s Omen debuff, already powerful, can be extended using Freeze to last even longer. This, alongside TTDS for more buffs, or Prototype Amber or Favonius Codex for Energy generation to meet her high ER demands as well as some minor healing in Prototype Amber’s case, makes her a strong option for the team. However, her lackluster Hydro application means that enemies will generally be left un-Frozen for at least part of the time.

Mona Hydro
Mona is a very underrated Hydro DPS.

7. Kokomi

Kokomi offers perhaps the most role compression amongst the Hydro units listed – she has long lasting, consistent AoE Hydro application and powerful healing via her Skill (with its duration refreshed by her Burst), some damage with Ocean-Hued Clam, and team buffs via Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and potentially Tenacity of Millelith. However, in situations where her role compression is not needed, she can contribute less to team damage than the units listed above.

8. Yelan

Yelan brings many of the advantages Xingqiu has, with some notable nuances. Yelan tends to possess higher personal damage, and her ramping A4 buff—despite not being fully utilized due to the tendency of units to rapidly swap in this team—is a welcome boost. Further, the fact she does not possess rainsword orbitals eases Cryo absorption into Anemo abilities. However, the lack of Xingqiu’s defensive utility can be noticeable in Freeze compositions not running a dedicated healer, and her lower Burst duration—as well as the Freeze uptime—can also prove problematic. Further, she shares Xingqiu’s weakness of only having single-target Hydro application. Despite these issues, she is a formidable option.

9. Xingqiu

Xingqiu has high personal damage and unmatched off-field single-target Hydro application, and with the Anemo unit it can sometimes be swirled to provide application in AoE. Further, his damage reduction and pseudo-healing can often allow Freeze teams to not need a dedicated healer. Though he is not without his flaws—his Hydro application is locked to single-target, his long cooldowns gates rotations, and he lacks any team buffing capabilities, he is nonetheless a premier pick.

Genshin Impact Xingqiu
Xingqiu is an amazing pick in a lot of situations.

10. Ayato

Ayato offers strong on-field damage while providing long-lasting AoE Hydro application through his Burst. While his required field time and inability to provide buffs to the team makes him relatively inflexible compared to his competition, he remains a powerful option for the Hydro slot.

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