Genshin Impact has been introducing a large number of characters. Therefore, they cannot cover all of them in every event and quest. But the 10 following characters have so little screen time that players rarely see them.

#1. Shenhe

Shenhe is one of the most beautiful female characters in Genshin Impact. She also has an interesting story. She is the daughter of an exorcist couple. After an incident in childhood time, the little girl became cursed and was adopted and brought up by the Cloud Retainer. Shenhe rarely appears in the storytelling and game quests in Genshin Impact after her initial release quest.

Shenhe And Chongyun
Shenhe and Chongyun

#2. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is one of the most picked characters for difficult combat challenges due to her insane power. But like Shenhe, the Director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor was not frequently seen in the game events. Therefore, her fans hope to see Hu Tao more in the Main Story screens of Teyvat as well as big events in Liyue.

#3. Qiqi

Qiqi is a 5-star character with a tragic backstory, but she is the only 5-star unit that hasn't had a proper Story Quest since her early release. It makes a lot of Genshin Impact players disappointed. They want the game publisher to increase the screen time of this adorable Loli character.

Hu Tao And Qiqi
Hu Tao and Qiqi

#4. Rosaria

Rosaria is one of the earliest characters in Genshin Impact. But she hasn't had a character story screen in the game. Apart from her short appearance in Story Quest of Albedo and an Archon Quest, Rosaria is not often seen in the main events and story quests of the game.

#5. Xingqiu

Xingqiu often appears as a calm and polite bookworm in every quest and event. But he has a mischievous side that hasn't been shown yet. The game publisher didn't give his distinct personality trait proper screen time to let players know that Xingqiu is also a naughty guy who often teases Chongyun.

Sucrose And Xingqiu
Sucrose and Xingqiu

#6. Amber

Amber is one of the main characters in Genshin Impact manga. But a lot of players are disappointed when she does have proper screen time in the game. Though you still often see her in many Mondstadt events, her portrayal in-game is still disappointing when compared with the manga.

#7. Sucrose

Sucrose appeared in many events in Genshin Impact, but she has never been the main character. That's why her fans want a quest chain or event focusing on this character and more screen time for her in the future.

#8. Lisa

Lisa hasn't shown her true power in any scene in Genshin Impact up to now. Therefore, a lot of players still believe that she can't take the DPS role. In fact, Lisa is one of the most talented sorceresses in Teyvat.

Amber And Lisa
Amber and Lisa

#9. Chongyun

Even veterans in Genshin Impact haven't seen Chongyun in the main storyline of the game. As a 4-star character, he has a Hangout quest chain. But he doesn't have a fair screen time for his long-serving time in the game.

#10. Kaeya

Kaeya is one of the earliest characters in met in the initial phases of the game. But he has a lot of secrets that haven't been unveiled yet. That's why Kaeya needs more screen time to reveal more about his backstory as well as his nation, Khaenri'ah - one of the biggest mysteries in the game now.

Rosaria And Kaeya
Rosaria and Kaeya

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