Interesting Facts About Hu Tao - Most Liked Genshin Character

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Check out the top 6 interesting facts about Hu Tao that you may not know. She is one of the weirdest characters in this game.

Hu Tao, the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor director, is one of the most liked characters in Genshin Impact for not only her power but also her interesting backstory. Check out the top 6 interesting facts about Hu Tao that you may not know.

#1. A Weird Girl

Hu Tao is a weird girl. She often did abnormal things when being a little child. For example, the 3-year-old girl even read books while exorcizing. When she got six years old, Hu Tao played truant and fell asleep in the coffin. Then, Hu Tao conduct a funeral ceremony when she was only thirteen.

Hu Tao Is A Weird Girl
Hu Tao is a weird girl.

#2. A Responsible Girl

Hu Tao took over the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor when she was very young. She is also very serious and responsible with her duties. The young director of the Funeral Parlor often treats funeral ceremonies and rituals with importance. She always tries to grow her business and complete every ritual with the utmost care.

#3. Hu Tao's Birthday

Hu Tao's birthday is on July 15th, which is the Ghost Festival celebration in the Chinese lunar calendar. On this special day, the souls of ancestors and people who had passed away will be allowed to come back to the living world and reunite with their living family members. And the director of Wangsheng Parlor also came to the world on that date.

Hu Taos Birthday
Hu Tao was born on the Ghost Festival day.

#4. Hu Tao Kidnapped Qiqi

Hu Tao had kidnapped Qiqi several times to give the little zombie a proper burial because she believed that it was the right thing to do. The young funeral parlor director thinks that Qiqi is suffering from the pain of being a zombie, so she tried to help the zombie escape from it.

Luckily, Baizhu always appeared on time and prevent Hu Tao's funeral operation to rescue Qiqi. That's why Hu Tao hates the owner of Bubu Pharmacy. Many players haven't known these facts about Hu Tao.

Hu Tao Kidnapped Qiqi
Hu Tao kidnapped Qiqi to bury her.

#5. Only Xiao Likes Hu Tao

As Hu Tao is a strange girl with abnormal actions, Liyue people find it hard to get closer to her. The relationship between Wangsheng parlor and the people in the Geo nation is not very good, but Hu Tao expressed that she loved the reaction of Liyue citizens to her.

Xiao is the only person in Liyue who like Xiao because of her weirdness. But both Xiao and Hu Tao are Tsundere characters who do not want to express their real feelings and love to the people around them.

Tsundere Characters
Xiao and Hu Tao are tsundere.

#6. Hu Tao's Marketing Time

One of the weirdest things that Hu Tao has done is trying to promote the business of Wangsheng Parlor. But her family's business is funeral rituals and operations. Therefore, she made everyone in Liyue scared when she carried out a marketing and promotional campaign for Wangsheng Parlor.

They all thought that it was a prank by Hu Tao. None of Liyue's citizens wants to become her customer and buy one get one free in Wangsheng Parlor. These facts about Hu Tao may surprise you and many Genshin Impact players.

Hu Tao Facts
Hu Tao's marketing campaign scared everyone.

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