Top 10 Tsundere Characters In Genshin Impact Of All Time (Ranked)

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The following males and females are the most tsundere characters in Teyvat, who often act cold but have warm hearts. Check them out!

Genshin Impact is one of the hottest RPGs nowadays. One of the biggest attractions of the game is the character design. Each character has a unique backstory and personality. The following males and females are the most tsundere characters in Teyvat, who often act cold but have warm hearts.

#1. Xiao

Xiao is one of the most Tsundere characters in JRPGs. Despite his cold and unapproachable appearance, Xiao has a warm heart. He always stays in the shadow, fight, and protect the Liyue people. When he is invited to spend a day learning about Liyue customs and bonding with people in the Liyue Harbor, he acts uninterested but still agrees quickly.

Xiao Genshin Impact

#2. Diona

Diona is an adorable Loli character who is tsundere to friends and strangers. She acts as if she didn't care about the Traveler by denying everyone's invitations and requirements, including her father. As her father is often drunken, Diona expressed that she wanted to destroy the wine industry in Mondstadt. However, she still mixes delicious wines for her father with her magical hands.

#3. Eula

Eula was born into the ill-famed Lawrence clan and treated badly in Mondstard for the dark history of her family. Therefore, she also acts cold to all Mondstadt citizens due to their hostile attitude towards her family. However, Eula is always willing to fight and protect this city.

Eula Diona And Their Friends
Eula, Diona, and their friends

#4. Gorou

Genshin Impact players can easily see his tsundere part when he interacts with Yea Miko. When the Kitsune character is around, Gorou often tries to hide from her or raises his chin when Yea says stuff to him. But his waving tail expresses his happiness hidden behind these tsundere reactions.

#5. Wanderer

After entering Fatui, Wanderer became an emotionless and cruel Harbinger called Scaramouche. Then, he regained his memories and tried to reincarnate under the new name "Wanderer".  However, Wanderer still remains cold and unfriendly attitude towards everyone except for Nahida and Traveler. He also shows his tsundere part when trying to hide his happiness when receiving a new name from players.

Wanderer Genshin Impact

#6. Mona

Spending all her salary on astrology makes Mona penniless. But this tsundere astrologist always denies the poverty label by stating to "have a clear mind" and "not be swayed by exquisite meals." Mora also expressed her tsundere personality when she interacts with Fischl and Oz. No matter whether you question or compliment her abilities, she only replies to you with 'hmph' and 'ahem'.

#7. Keqing

Keqing is also one of the most tsundere girls in Genshin Impact. She is always shy when getting compliments for good jobs but the Yuheng of Liyue Qixing acts as if she doesn't care. Besides, Keqing stealthily bought a clay figurine for Rex Lapis though she always appears to conflict with him and hates all gods in Teyvat.

Mona And Keqing
Mona and Keqing are two tsundere characters.

#8. Tighnari

Tighnari usually looks cold and emotionless. But he is one of the friendliest men in Sumeru and one of the top tsundere characters in Genshin Impact. This Forest Watcher can spend a day lecturing lost explorers or new recruits about the importance of Survival Skills in the wilderness.

Gesnhin Impact Tighnari

#9. Diluc

Master of the Dawn Winery in Mondstadt looks uninterested and bored with everyone. He also seems to ignore those who are insignificant to him. But Diluc is a gentle and caring man. He still protects his nation and keeps every citizen in Mondstadt safe after quitting the Knights of Favonius. He also treats his employees in Dawn Winery well.

Genshin Impact Diluc

#10. Xingqiu

Xingqiu makes everyone think that he is a polite and calm bookworm. But he is also a mischievous boy who often teases his close friend - Chongyun. The young master of Feiyun Commerce Guild only shows this naughty side when he is around his family and close friends.

Genshin Impact Screen Time

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