Four following characters will celebrate their birthday every February with many signature dishes and gifts. Check out all character birthdays in February and which items you can get from them here.

#1. Alhaitham

The new character Alhaitham will be the first one to celebrate his birthday in Genshin Impact this month, on February 11th. He was officially released in the first phase of Update 3.4. Therefore, it's also the first time he has had a birthday celebration in Teyvat.

You will possibly receive his signature dish called Ideal Circumstance. This special HP Recovery dish can only be obtained by cooking the normal Sumeru dish called "Shahrizabz Meat Stew" with this character. But you will also get it on Alhaitham's birthday.

Alhaithams Birthday
Alhaitham's birthday is coming soon.

#2. Beidou

Three days after Alhaitham's birthday, Genshin Impact players continue to celebrate Beidou's birthday on February 14th. The Flash-Fried Filet is her signature dish. Therefore, you may receive this Recovery dish on this upcoming birthday of Crux's Captain.

Released on September 28th, 2020, Beidou celebrated her birthday twice in the game. The Captain of the Crux crew always gives players Flash-Fried Filet and a local resource or ascension material, such as Violetgrass and Noctilucous Jade for her ascension. This time, you may get talent level-up material or others.

Genshin Impact Beidou
Beidou will be the second character to celebrate her birthday in February.

#3. Sangonomiya Kokomi

On February 22nd, you will receive another set of birthday gifts for Sangonomiya Kokomi, including A Stunning Stratagem dish. Though Kokomi is not a new character, it's also the first time she celebrates her birthday in the game because she was officially released on March 8th, 2022.

Apart from A Stunning Stratagem, players may receive a local ascension material of Kokomi, such as Sango Pearl, or another local plant on her island.

Kokomi Birthday
Prepare for Kokomi's birthday.

#4. Bennett

Bennett's birthday is on February 29th, 2023. As previous birthday celebration of Bennett, you will receive his signature dish "Teyvat Charred Egg" and other gifts, such as Everflame Seed on his birthday, but not every year.

As born on the last day of leap year's February but released on September 28, 2020, Bennett hasn't celebrated his birthday in this game yet. We have to wait until next year to celebrate his birthday in Genshin Impact for the first time.

Bennetts Birthday
Bennett's birthday is on the last day of February but in the leap year.

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