One of the most interesting things in Genshin Impact is the birthday celebrations for every playable character. The following characters will celebrate their birthday every February with many signature dishes and gifts. Check out all character birthdays in February and which items you can get from them here.

#1. Lynette (February 2nd)

Lynette is a new character from Fontaine who was released in August of last year. This February will be the first time this 4-star Anemo character celebrates her birthday in this game as a playable character.

As usual, Genshin Impact will send her signature dish - A Leisurely Sip as a birthday gift to every Genshin player. This is the special version of the new Fontaine's recipe of Conch Madeleine. Besides, you can get some other presents that are related to her kit or her nation.

Lyney And Lynette
Lynette is the first character to celebrate her birthday in February this year.

#2. Lyney (February 2nd)

Lynnette's twin brother, Lyney was also born on Feb 2nd. Therefore, they also celebrate birthdays on the same day. Cubic Tricks is the annual birthday present from Lyney. Lyney invented this dish based on the recipe of Pate de Fruit. You can expect other local items or signature gifts for this character, such as exclusive materials for talent level-up or ascension.

Lyney is the earliest 5-star playable Fontaine character who plays the role of a Pyro DPS. He was warmly welcomed at his first release because of the new Arkhe mechanic at that time. Therefore, lots of Genshin Impact players invested their Primogem savings on his banner.

Genshin Impact Birthday
Lyney and Lynnette celebrate their birthdays on the same day.

#1. Alhaitham (February 11th)

Alhaitham will be the third character to celebrate his birthday in Genshin Impact this month, on February 11th. He was officially released in the first phase of Update 3.4. Therefore, it's also the second time he has had a birthday celebration in Teyvat.

You will possibly receive his signature dish called Ideal Circumstance. This special HP Recovery dish can only be obtained by cooking the normal Sumeru dish called "Shahrizabz Meat Stew" with this character. But you will also get it on Alhaitham's birthday.

Alhaithams Birthday
Alhaitham will give you many interesting gifts from Sumeru on his birthday this year.

As recorded, Genshin Impact players also received three pieces of character development materials - Teaching of Ingenuity, Admonition, and Praxis.

#2. Beidou (February 14th)

Three days after Alhaitham's birthday, Genshin Impact players continue to celebrate Beidou's birthday on February 14th. The Flash-Fried Filet is her signature dish. Therefore, you may receive this Recovery dish on this upcoming birthday of Crux's Captain.

Released on September 28th, 2020, Beidou celebrated her birthday three times in the game. The Captain of the Crux crew always gives players Flash-Fried Filet and a local resource or ascension material, such as Violetgrass and Noctilucous Jade for her ascension. This time, you may get talent level-up material or others.

Genshin Impact Beidou
Beidou will be the fourth character to celebrate her birthday in February this year.

#3. Sangonomiya Kokomi (February 22nd)

On February 22nd, you will receive another set of birthday gifts for Sangonomiya Kokomi, including A Stunning Stratagem dish. Kokomi is not a new character who was officially released on March 8th, 2022. It's the second time she celebrates her birthday in the game.

Last year, Genshin Impact players got a Guide to Transience apart from her special dish - A Stunning Stratagem. But you will get different gifts from her this year. You can expect to receive a local ascension material of Kokomi, such as Sango Pearl, or another local plant on her island.

Kokomi Birthday
Kokomi will give you her special dish of "A Stunning Stratagem" on her birthday celebration.

#4. Bennett (February 29th)

Bennett's birthday is on February 29th, 2023. As in previous birthday celebrations for Bennett, you will receive his signature dish "Teyvat Charred Egg" and other gifts, such as Everflame Seed on his birthday, but not every year.

As born on the last day of leap year's February but released on September 28, 2020, Bennett hasn't celebrated his birthday in this game yet. Therefore, Genshin Impact players are excited to officially celebrate Bennett's birthday for the first time in 2024. This is a special year for Bennett - one of the most favorite 4-star supporters and healers in this game.

Bennetts Birthday
Bennett's birthday is on the last day of February but in the leap year.

In previous years, Genshin Impact also sent players his birthday gifts on Feb 28th. As recorded, every player received a portion of his signature dish and some other presents, such as an Everflame Seed in 2021, a Boreal Wolf's Milk Tooth in 2022, and 10 Small Lamp Grasses in 2023.

These are all six playable characters who celebrate birthdays in February of 2024. The two new Fontaine characters will bring you many new attractive presents. Let's wait for two new beautiful birthday art for them.

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