Yelan and Xingqiu are the two best Hydro sub-DPS in Genshin Impact now. Many players are wondering whether they should roll Yelan when having Xingqiu with the maximum power. Let's compare Yelan vs Xingqiu and choose the better sub-DPS for your team.

I. Yelan Vs Xingqiu

Many players think that Yelan is only a 5-star version of Xingqiu because their kits are pretty similar. But they have some significant differences that make Yelan or Xingqiu the better choice to build for your team.

Yelan Vs Xingqiu
Yelan Vs Xingqiu: who is better?

#1. Hydro Application Ability

Xingqiu has excellent Hydro application ability with his rain swords spinning around him after he releases his burst. Without a high constellation level, Yelan is not as good as Xingqiu at Hydro application.

The 4-star Hydro sub-DPS can mark enemies with Hydro Auras easily in melee combat only by activating his elemental burst. All the opponents approaching Xingqiu and attacking him in close range will get the Hydro Aura immediately.

Yelan And Xingqiu
Both Yelan and Xingqiu are good at Hydro application.

#2. HP Regeneration

Xingqiu brings your team a better survival ability due to his helpful elemental skill. It helps reduce the DMG taken to make Xingqiu less vulnerable on the battlefield. Besides, his passive talent called Hydropathic helps Xingqiu regenerate a moderate amount of HP based on his max HP when his rain swords are shattered or his burst expires.

#3. Damage

Yelan is better in terms of damage output. The passive talent Adapt With Ease of Yelan helps her increase her DMG dealt by up to 50%. In addition, Xingqiu C6 and Yelan C0 are equally powerful. But Yelan C0 can be stronger while Xingqiu C6 can't be upgraded anymore.

Obviously, Xingqiu and Yelan have different advantages. Therefore, having Xingqiu is not the reason to ignore Yelan's banner in the current update.

Focus On Yelans Max Hp
Focus on Yelan's max HP

II. Yelan's Constellations & Build

If you have got Yelan already, the current banner is a good chance to unlock further constellations for her. Yelan is one of the best characters to invest in and unlock higher constellation levels. The damage dealt by Yelan C6 is 2.5 times higher than that of Yelan C0.

You should focus on the HP index of Yelan when you build this character. Her output power scales on her max HP. Therefore, it's very easy to maximize her power by increasing her HP status. There are many weapons and artifacts that can help build Yelan's max HP.

Yelan As A Tanker
Yelan can play as a tanker.

III. Strength & Weakness Of Yelan

Yelan has many strong and weak points that you should take into consideration before deciding to roll this character.

#1. Strength

  • It's easy to choose the weapon for Yelan. You don't need to care about the ATK status of the weapon.
  • The drop rate of HP boosting artifacts from domains and challenges is also very high. So, it's easy to maximize her max HP.
  • She can play as a tanker when countering three Maguu Kenki bosses in the current Spiral Abyss season.
  • You can ignore ATK buffs for her.

#2. Weakness

  • ATK buffs from teammates, which are very popular in Genshin Impact, are useless for Yelan.
  • Max HP buff from teammates is not popular.
Yelan Banner
Don't miss the current Yelan banner.

In short, Yelan is still a good character to roll in Genshin Impact 3.4 after comparing Yelan vs Xingqiu.

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