Yelan is a Hydro Bow character in Genshin Impact, scheduled for release in the upcoming 2.7 update. She is going to be a Hydro support/sub DPS, serving the same role as Xingqiu in Genshin Impact teams. In this article, is going to showcase a complete Genshin Impact Yelan build guide.

1. Yelan Genshin Impact Overview

Yelan's identity has always been a mystery. She is a mysterious person who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Yelan often appears in various guises at the center of events and disappears before the storm stops.

Genshin Impact Yelan Ascension Materials
Yelan Genshin Impact Character design


  • Weave in and out of combat constantly with her elemental skill.
  • Her Elemental Burst is an improved version of Xingqiu’s, with superior damage scaling that takes advantage of Yelan’s great baseline stats.
  • Abilities scales based on MAX HP, which makes hear easy to build artifacts around.
  • Crit rate as ascension stat


  • Essentially a 5-star version of Xingqiu, with Mona's Burst damage. Players who already have Xingqiu might not need her.

2. Yelan Constellations and Talent Priority


Similar to other 5 star characters, Yelan's constellations are extremely powerful. However, with the low pull rate, it is highly unlikely that players would ever get more than C1 or C2. Yelan's best constellations are coincidentally C1 and C2:

  • Enter the Plotters: Lingering Lifeline gains 1 additional charge.
  • Taking All Comers: When Exquisite Throw conducts a coordinated attack, it will fire an additional water arrow that will deal 14% of Yelan's Max HP as Hydro DMG. This effect can trigger once every 1.8s.
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Yelan's Dice is going to function the same way as Xingqiu's Rainswords

While C1 allows Yelan to get more mileage out of her skill, C2 is the best as it directly increases the damage of Yelan's burst. However, if players are running her as a support, constellations are completely unneeded.

Talent Priority

As Yelan is an off-field support character, it is best to focus on her Burst then her skill. Players can even leave her normal attack at low level if they really don't want to grind the mats.

3. How to use Yelan effectively?

Always use the Hold mode of her skill

Yelan’s Elemental skill is Lingering Lifeline. The skill marks opponents on her path while she moves through them. When tap-activated, the skill lets her move forward briefly. Players can control her dash when hold-activated.

When it ends, the mark explodes dealing Hydro damage and knockback. As the hold version gives players more control, it is best to use it instead of just tapping.

Both Yelan's Skill and Burst scales based on HP

Yelan's burst, Exquisite Throw, follows the character around and will attack enemies, dealing Hydro DMG based on Yelan's Max HP. To maximize her off-field support damage, it is best to build full HP on her.

Maxresdefault 1
She has huge AoE Hydro Attacks.

4. Best Genshin Impact Yelan build

Overall, Yelan can be either the main DPS or the burst sub DPS in a team. Her best role, however, is sub DPS like Xingqiu.

Yelan sub DPS build

  • Recommended weapon: Aqua Simulacra – Lv 90 – 542 ATK – 88.2 Crit DMG
  • Recommended artifact set: 4-Piece Emblem of Severed Fate

Alternatively, players can use Elegy for the End or Fading Twilight.

Higher refinement levels boost the HP and damage bonuses of the bow up to x2.

Overall, for the best Yelan build, players need her signature bow Aqua Simulacra. While it has only below-average ATK, its Crit DMG is the highest amongst all weapons in the game. The low base attack is not an issue as her kit scales on HP.

With Yelan's burst being her main source of damage, Emblem of Severed Fate x4 is probably the best. Players can also use Noblesse Oblige as an alternative.

Yelan main DPS build

Skyward Harp
Skyward Harp is the best for main DPS Yelan.

Yelan can definitely be played as the main DPS of the team with her powerful charged attacks. However, she is not nearly as effective in this role as an actual main DPS character.

  • Recommended weapon: Skyward Harp
  • Recommended artifact set: Heart of Depth x2 + Tenacity Of The Millelith x2

Alternatively, players can use the Elegy For The End or Aqua Simulacra.

5. What are the best teams for Yelan?

Raiden national team

  • Raiden + Yelan + Bennett + Xiangling

If players are already running the Raiden National team, it would be pretty easy to replace Xingqiu with Yelan. She increases the Burst damage of the team and their energy regeneration rate.

Raiden is one of the strongest characters in the game.

The damage of this team mainly comes from Xiangling's Pyronado spam and Yelan's burst, which triggers Vaporize repeatedly. Raiden is there to provide buffs to the whole team's burst and allow them to spam. Bennett is the main healer + support of the team with heal and ATK buff.

Vaporize Team

  • Hu Tao + Yelan + Zhongli + Albedo

In this team comp, Yelan replaces Xingqiu in the Hydro support role for Hu Tao. She would use her burst and constantly inflict Hydro, allowing Hu Tao to deal massive damage with Vaporize.

Hu Tao Voi Xingqiu Genshin Impact Tro Choi Dien Tu
Xiangling is about to be replaced.

This team is arguably the tankiest meta composition of all time, with three characters (Hu Tao, Zhongli, Yelan) that massively scale from HP stacking. Zhongli provides Hu Tao with a powerful shield, allowing her to remain under 50% at all times.

Players can replace Albedo with Kazuha, Bennett or Sucrose if they want to increase Hu Tao's damage even further.

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