With Genshin's 2.7 version delayed, players will get extra time to beat the 2.6 Spiral Abyss. It is the hardest end-game content currently and is the of the main sources for pulls. In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the top 10 most popular characters in Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.6.

1. Kazuha (98.3%)

There is a reason that Kazuha is the current most wanted support character in the game. He is super versatile and can be used on pretty much all team comps. His EM buff is also generic and suitable for the majority of builds in the game, unlike other supports who can only buff one thing.

Kazuha Elemental Burst
Kazuha is on the most wanted list of all Genshin players.

While he offers less CC than Venti, it doesn't matter much as not all enemies can be CC-ed. Kazuha's extra damage is much more valuable.

2. Kokomi (93.2%)

Looks like Kokomi's true power has finally been acknowledged. Her ability to sustain while dealing damage is a godsend in this rotation of Spiral Abyss. She is the best healer of this patch and her Hydro application is fairly useful for triggering reactions from teammates.

Kokomi Burst
Kokomi's ability to deal damage and sustain the team has finally been recognized.

She is mainly used in perma-freeze teams, with Ayaka and Shenhe freezing enemies constantly. Stack her taunt and healing on top of that and enemies won't be killing your characters any time soon.

3. Venti (92.7%)

Grouping up enemies is a big issue in this rotation, and having a Venti resolves this issue. His extra CC from elemental burst makes most floors in Spiral Abyss 2.6 a breeze. It might actually be a great idea to run both Venti and Kazuha, one in each team if they are available.

Venti Burst
Venti has the best CC, however, there are enemies that cannot be controlled in Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.6.

4. Ayaka (92.6%)

Ayaka and her Cryo squad have been dominating the metagame so far, dealing great damage while preventing enemies from retaliating. Furthermore, Freezing is super easy to use and is difficult to miss-timing.

Ayaka Burst
Ayaka's Freeze team prevents enemies from moving.

Her elemental burst has a big AoE, which allows Ayaka to deal with multiple mob waves. The best part about Ayaka, however, is that she is fairly f2p friendly. Players can get her in a recent banner and her best build involves a 4-star sword.

5. Bennett (87%)

The universal 4 star support, Bennett, has always been on top of his game in Spiral Abyss, and Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.6 is not an exception. He is the most used 4 star character and splashable in almost all lineups, due to his versatile kit.

Bennett Attack
Bennett is a character that all Genshin players have.

Bennett can provide powerful buffs, heals, and Pyro applications.

6. Xingqiu (84.3%)

Hydro application is extremely powerful in Genshin, as it is part of vaporization lineups. However, with Yelan delayed, players have only Xingqiu as an option. With his rainswords, Xingqiu can easily enable reactions while staying off-field.

Genshin Impact Xingqiu
Xingqiu's burst is very useful for triggering reactions.

The best part about Xingqiu is that his constellation is easy to get, which improves his capability greatly.

7. Ganyu (83.3%)

Ganyu has more or less the same role as Ayaka, serving as the main DPS in a Cryo perma-freeze team. These kinds of teams are top tier in Spiral Abyss 2.6, as there aren't many Cryo-resistant enemies for players to worry about.

Ganyu Amos Bow
Ganyu is actually easier to play than Ayaka, as she is a ranged character.

Similar to Ayaka, Ganyu is also fairly F2p friendly, with the ability to dish out big damage numbers even if she has no constellation.

8. Zhongli (81.1%)

Another popular character in most Spiral Abyss rotations, Zhongli is more or less a powerful clutch if players are afraid to get killed. His powerful shield pretty much allows the team to tank all the attacks head on. This is useful in teams that need to stay at low HP, such as Hu Tao.

Zhongli Burst
Zhongli's petrification is a decent control ability against bosses.

There is no better shielder in the game than Zhongli. Furthermore, his Petrification is very useful against bosses in Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.6.

9. Raiden Shogun (80%)

Raiden Shogun teams have been getting less popular in 2.6, however, 4 out of 5 squads still use her. Raiden national teams are easy to use and very effective. Players can just get Raiden and maximize 3 easy-to-obtain 4 star characters.

Raiden Shogun
Raiden is still very powerful so far, however, teams involving her are rather boring.

This means the lineup is super easy to use for f2p players. Raiden's main role is to provide energy regeneration for Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Bennett to spam their Elemental Bursts repeatedly.

10. Shenhe (79.3%)

With Cryo teams being the most popular in this patch, players probably realize that Shenhe is going to be a top support. She is the best Cryo support released in Genshin to date, with the ability to boost Cryo damage of all teammates by a huge amount.

Version 2 4 Shenhe
Shenhe is a must if you want to run an effective Cryo team.

However, Shenhe's sole purpose is to boost Cryo damage. This means she is pretty much useless outside of Freeze teams of Mono-Cryo teams.

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