Yelan's kit makes her an extremely flexible unit, with the ability to perform well in pretty much any team. Whenever there is an open slot, you can fit Yelan in just fine without many restrictive caveats. When building a Yelan team, players should consider using an on-field DPS character who does Normal Attacks frequently to trigger Yelan's Burst.

Reaction-wise, Yelan is best in Vaporize and Electro-charged teams, but players can definitely use her effectively in Mono-Hydro teams or Freeze. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best teammates for Yelan in Genshin Impact 3.4.

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Yelan Genshin Impact

1. Hu Tao

Not surprising at all, Hu Tao is the Pyro character who works the best alongside Yelan. With Xingqiu already being her most recommended teammate, Yelan performs well by default and is able to increase the team’s damage. If Hu Tao didn’t already have strong teams, she now has the Yelan and Xingqiu duo unlocked with even more team possibilities and satisfying damage numbers.

Hu Tao Can Make Use Of Her Icd
Hu Tao can deal massive Vape damage with Yelan's support.

When using Yelan as the only Hydro unit, you should use the N1C combo for Hu Tao to make sure you can control the Pyro application. It is important to not overwhelm the Hydro aura, as once Pyro takes over as the main Element present on the enemy, it will be impossible to recover Hydro efficiently and you will lose Vaporize uptime.

2. Nilou

Nilou is a solid choice as an on-field unit for Yelan, mostly in Bloom teams. Sharing the same spot as Xingqiu, Yelan can play the off-field role with lower Energy Recharge requirements thanks to Nilou.

Her playstyle allows Yelan to trigger two Elemental Skills per rotation. Nilou scales entirely with HP, thus also benefiting from Yelan’s fourth Constellation.

3. Xingqiu

Xingqiu is very effective when paired with Yelan. He can also act as a battery for her with a high-refinement Sacrificial Sword or Favonius Sword equipped. His second Constellation reduces enemies’ Hydro Resistance, a useful buff for Yelan which increases her damage potential.

Xingqiu Yelan
Despite them having the same role, it is possible to run both characters in the same team.

A Constellation 6 Xingqiu is ideal for Yelan. With all the beneficial upgrades he gets compared to Constellation 0, he is able to cover Yelan’s lack of defensive abilities while also delivering substantial damage and Hydro application.

4. Kazuha

As expected, Kazuha is the Anemo character Yelan benefits the most. The buffs, debuff, and crowd control he provides make him a very strong and highly recommended unit to run alongside her. Not only is he able to supply Yelan with one of the few buffs she benefits from, but he also excels at it, further increasing Yelan’s damage.

Kazuha’s only weakness is that he is wanted by a wide variety of teams, which, depending on your character, might pose a difficulty for you when choosing teams.

5. Nahida

Nahida can play as both an on- or off-field Dendro enabler. She synergizes with Yelan in on-field play by providing incredible amounts of Dendro application. This allows for increased Dendro Core generation, whether for Bloom, Burgeon or Hyperbloom teams.

Nahida Genshin Impact
While Bloom teams prefer a healer to offset the self damage, Yelan is still a great option.

6. Raiden

Raiden plays exceptionally well as both the main on-field unit and battery for Yelan. The ability to act in multiple roles at the same time is definitely one of Raiden's biggest strengths.

7. Fischl

Fischl deals noticeable amounts of damage while being off-field, applies Electro consistently and can even reduce the Energy Recharge requirements for the entire team.

Fischl Genshin
Fischl and Yelan's off-field capability allow the other characters on the team to take all the field time.

She fits well, especially in compositions with lots of reactions triggered in quick succession, such as in Electro-Charged teams. Additionally, she does a great job at supporting Yelan’s Hydro aura when the latter is played as the only Hydro unit with Hu Tao.

8. Zhongli

To no one’s surprise, the most favored Geo character is Zhongli. His strong shield with its great uptime and Resistance Shred greatly benefits Yelan. Despite being a bit difficult to use in an efficient way, 4-piece Archaic Petra is a very strong set to use on Zhongli when paired with Yelan.

Alternatives like 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith and 4-piece Instructor can also be used. Realistically they won’t benefit Yelan herself, but they might be preferred by other members of the team.

9. Eula

Eula benefits a lot from Yelan’s fourth Ascension Passive due to her naturally back-loaded Elemental Burst. When pairing Yelan with Eula, Favonius Warbow is recommended.

Eula May Come Back After Update 3 5
Eula's kit deals high damage at the end of the rotation, which fits Yelan the best.

10. Ayaka

Ayaka has one of the strongest Elemental Bursts when buffed by Yelan’s fourth Ascension Passive. Ayaka’s Burst on its own is very strong, but it can be even stronger if you play a back-loaded rotation to take advantage of the ramping buff.

She prefers having a Cryo unit playing alongside her for battery and resonance.

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