The new event Warrior's Spirit in Genshin Impact is giving participants 420 Primogems and many character materials. Check out how to win every combat and get all Primogems easily.

I. Schedule & Eligibility

The combat event Warrior's Spirit takes place between Feb 9th and 20th, 2023. Only Genshin Impact players at AR 30 and above can take part in this event. Besides, you have to complete the world quest 'Ritou's Escape Plan' in Inazuma.

It's also recommended to complete Act II in the Imperatrix Umbrosa quest chain. But you can still skip this quest to unlock this event by clicking/tapping on the Quick Start button in the event banner. Check the banner in the event center of the game when you get the eligibility.

Warriors Spirit Guide
Check out the guide for Warrior's Spirit event.

II. Gameplay & Tips

The Warrior's Spirit event has six combat stages and three Unexpected Battle quests. Eligible players have to complete Unexpected Battle quests to unlock combat events. After completing each unexpected battle, you can unlock two combat events.

In this combat event, the elemental skill and burst are replaced by a parry. Therefore, the gameplay will be a little different from other combat challenges. Check out some tips and tactics to help you win the combat quickly at Hard and Pro difficulty levels and claim all rewards.

Complete The Combat Challenge
Complete the combat challenge without elemental attacks and reactions.

#1. Gameplay & Rules

  • You have to play your Traveler character.
  • There is a new parry button to replace the elemental skill and burst buttons.
  • The Traveler can only use the normal and charged attacks.
  • When you use the parry at the right moment to parry the ultimate attack of the opponent, you can deal a huge amount of damage to him and defeat him faster.
  • Keep an eye on the time limit and the time mission during the combat and make sure you win the challenge before the time's up.
Parry The Ultimate Attack
Parry the ultimate attack.

#2. Pro Tips

  • Don't focus only on attacking. A good parry at the right moment can deal much higher damage than a hundred normal attacks.
  • Start at the Hard level to complete at least two missions and get all Primogems. Then, unlock the Pro level and defeat the enemy to get more rewards.
  • Focus on the Ultimate attack of the opponent to use the parry. If you can parry perfectly, you don't even have to use normal and charged attacks. A blue flash appears when the opponent is about to release his ultimate attack. It's the best time to parry.
The Right Parry
The right parry is much stronger than normal and charged attacks.

III. Event Rewards

It's the best time to get Hu Tao and Yelan, but you need enough Primogems. Warrior's Spirit gives players 60 Primogems for completing each combat challenge at normal and hard difficulty levels. Besides, participants also get 20 Primogems for completing the Unexpected Combat quest.

Apart from 420 Primogems, you will get many valuable materials and tons of Mora. Don't ignore this exciting event in Genshin Impact 3.4 and these attractive rewards.

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