Liloupar is one of the most important characters in the history of Sumeru. She lived in this nation thousands of years ago. Her story also reveals many mysterious details about the past of this nation. Check out her story and the hidden story of the ancient city of Gurabad here.

Genshin Impact Liloupars Cell Puzzle
Liloupar is the founder of Gurabad.

I. A Jinny and a Shepherd in Love

Liloupar is known as a Jinni who has an important role in the history of the Hadramaveth Desert area in Sumeru. She was born from a water lily growing in the stream formed by Nabu Malikata's footsteps. She and her sister, Ferigees, served Nabu Malikata before turning to serve King Deshret after Lord of Flowers' death. It's also the beginning of Liloupar's hidden story.

Orchard Of Pairidaeza
Orchard of Pairidaeza is the cemetery built for Nabu Malikata.

Liloupar also led people to construct cities around the Orchard of Pairidaeza. She met the shepherd Ormazd who would become the king of the Sumeru desert peoples in her eyes. Then, the beautiful Jinni fell in love with Ormazd and help him become the King of Gurabad with the expectation that he would realize the dream of a mortal society free of slavery.

II. Shepherd's Betrayal & Jinny's Curse

However, Ormazd betrayed Liloupar's faith and Nabu Malikata's dream. He became another Tyrant in his nation. The brave and judicious leader of desert peoples who led them to defeat Huvashtra the Tyrant made Liloupar fall in love. Ormazd made Liloupar hope that he could become a hero and remove slavery.

The Soul Of Liloupar
Explore Liloupar's story while doing the world quest in the Hadramaveth Desert.

But when that man became a tyrannical and corrupt King of Gurabad, Liloupar got furious and decided to revenge. She put a ruination curse on three generations of the Gurabad royal family though she was his wife and they got a daughter, Shirin. But Shirin is not the only child of Ormazd or Liloupar.

II. The Ruination Of Gurabad

Liloupar revenged her corrupt husband with a curse on three generations of the Gurabad family. That curse also made Ormazd shun their daughter, Shirin, especially after Shirin got married to the great hero Kisra Parvez who was Liloupar's son. It's a dark hidden story of a complicated family.

A Tragic Story Of Liloupar
Liloupar trusted and loved the wrong man.

To revenge her father, Shirin used poisoned honey to assassinate him and 300 siblings. Two out of three points in Liloupar's curse were realized. That's why Kisra, the new ruler of Gurabad, was scared and obsessed with the prophecy of Liloupar. He also hated and shunned Shiruyeh - his son with Shirin.

Like Ormazd, the power also made Kisra corrupt, and then, was assassinated by the alienated son. The destruction of Gurabad was the result of corruption, tyranny, lack of truth, obsession, and betrayal. You can explore the hidden story of Liloupar, Shirin, Shiruyeh, and Gurabad with many dark corners and secrets in the story quest of Sumeru.

Gurabad Ruin
Gurabad fell down after three generations.

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