Eula is Genshin Impact's best Physical DPS character, with the ability to deal massive Burst damage with support from Superconduct. However, Eula has plenty of weakness and need a good weapon to showcase her full potential. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best weapons for Eula in Genshin Impact 3.4.

1. Song of Broken Pines

It is no surprise that Eula’s signature weapon would be BiS for her. Highest base ATK and Physical DMG% substat with more ATK% steroids in its passive all benefit Eula greatly. Not to mention, the ATK SPD buff means your combos are a lot easier to perform. 10/10 weapon for Eula. The only weakness is that outside of Eula, Razor, and Xinyan, no other Claymore wielders really want it. Look at your overall roster before deciding to pull for this.

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Song of Broken Pines

2. Wolf’s Gravestone

The best generalist Claymore in the game. It has the largest ATK% buff in the game on a single weapon, and it is teamwide. With this weapon, most outside ATK% buff is unneeded or has their opportunity cost reduced greatly. If its passive procs, Wolf’s Gravestone can easily out-damage Song of Broken Pines. However, the 30% HP threshold condition is quite hard to proc before Eula’s Burst explodes, so although it is still incredibly strong, it sits in 2nd place.

Wolf Gravestone
Wolf’s Gravestone

3. The Unforged

Wolf’s Gravestone v2, albeit weaker. This weapon also gives massive ATK buffs, and although it is a lot more consistent than Wolf’s Gravestone, you are forced to use a shield with Eula to get maximum power out of this Claymore. If you do not have a Zhongli or Diona, this weapon is not as impressive as it seems. Even without shields, it is still a 5* weapon with very good ATK% buffs, so it is still up there on the list.

The Unforged

4. Skyward Pride

Skyward Pride’s power and rankings are hard to pin down, as its power is heavily dependent on how much ER% you need. Eula actually makes very good use of its passive, as Skyward Pride’s air blades deal Physical Damage, and Eula’s kit can maximize its potential. If you need the ER%, it is at least a top 3 weapon. However, if you don’t need this weapon to hit the ER% threshold, or if it brings you too far over that ER% requirement, it can even be beaten by the best 4* options for Eula.

Skyward Pride

5. Redhorn Stonethresher

An incredibly strong stat-stick, boasting an 88.2% CRIT DMG% substat at max level. Despite this, Redhorn suffers from having poor base ATK and passive (even with Grimheart stacks). It is not worth it to change your rotation to get a slight boost to Eula’s Normal Attacks. This weapon also suffers from CRIT imbalance, as it will be difficult to achieve a 1:2 CRIT ratio with this weapon. One of the most powerful weapons for Eula when used with Bennett, as he helps solve the issue of low Base ATK.

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Redhorn Stonethresher

6. Serpent’s Spine

An absolute monster of a weapon, it is a surprise how it is even a 4*. With high CRIT Rate substats, a universal DMG% buff, this weapon makes investing in Eula easier than even some 5* options above. Its only weakness is that it is also heavily contested among other Claymores, so unless you have multiple copies, you have to make a decision about who gets to use it. Best 4* option for Eula, uncontested.

Serpent Spine
Serpent’s Spine

7. Luxurious Sea-Lord

For how silly this thing looks, it is the current best F2P option for Eula. It is an event weapon, so you can R5 it with little cost, and at R5 it gives a 24% DMG buff for your Burst, while also having a very good ATK% substat. The on-hit damage you can proc once every rotation consistently is extra icing on the top. Heavily recommended for all F2Ps, if you can get over your Eula whacking people with a giant sardine.

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Luxurious Sea-Lord

8. Akuoumaru

Akuoumaru is an unstable weapon that has the potential to be the 2nd best 4* weapon for Eula after Serpent Spine, but also can be worse than Sea-Lord, depending on how much Energy cost you are running in your team. It is recommended to use Akuoumaru only if you are running Eula with Raiden to make the most use of its passive and if you have high refinements on it, or if you do not have a Sea-Lord or Serpent Spine to spare for Eula. Still, a very good weapon, do not hesitate to use it if the conditions aforementioned apply to you. You can check the comprehensive weapon sheet at the top for specific thresholds and refinements where it matches up with her better options.


9. Lithic Blade

Another weapon that has a conditional ranking. Two of Eula’s best batteries are Rosaria and Diona, and they are from Mondstadt, while if you do not have a Raiden Fischl is your best off-field Electro applicator for Superconduct. This means this weapon is usually stuck at 1-2 stacks, or in some cases even 0, pushing it behind Snow-tombed and Archaic. However, in a Eula Raiden Beidou composition where you can reach 2 stacks, this weapon beats all of the options under it. Quite situational, use with care.

Lithic Blade Genshin Impact
Lithic Blade

10. Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Used to be Eula’s best F2P option until Sea-Lord arrived. It has fallen out of favor, but it is still a very competitive weapon on Eula, not to mention there are few who would contest this weapon from her. Its passive can be dodged and missed, which is its one point of inconsistency, other than that, it is a useful and nice statstick that just works.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

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