The Dendro Traveler or Dendro Main Character (DMC) is a 5-star Dendro Sword character who is available for free after unlocking a Statue of the Seven in Sumeru and aligning with the Dendro Element. Mihoyo has learned its lesson in designing the traveler variants - DMC is actually a pretty good Dendro support that can be slotted into any Dendro team.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for Dendro Traveler in Genshin Impact 3.5.

Genshinimpact Dendrotraveler Thinking
Dendro Traveler

1. Dendro Traveler Playstyle and Talent Priority

Off-Field Enabler is the recommended way to play DMC. Players can just use their skill and burst then switch. Just remember to swap DMC in from time to time to generate Dendro particles from their Elemental Skill.

Usually, the combo of DMC is Skill > Normal Attack to catch Dendro Particle > Burst > Switch out > Switch in when skill is off CD.

Talent Priority

Burst > Skill > Level 90

  • It is worth noting that their kit is cohesive even with low investment in Talents, and none of their buffs scale with Talent Levels. However, investing in these can lead to more personal Talent damage.
  • Raising DMC to level 90 is not necessary. However, in certain teams such as Nilou Pure Bloom or Quicken, raising their level can result in much higher Transformative/Additive Reaction damage.
  • It is not recommended to raise the Normal Attack Talent.

DMC's passives are above average. A1 Passive is a small team EM boost while A4 is a straight damage boost.

Elemental Skill: Razorgrass Blade

Very straightforward ability. It generates 2-3 Dendro particles per cast. Aim to use this ability about twice per rotation and catch the particles while DMC is on-field.

Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler
Elemental Skill

Elemental Burst: Surgent Manifestation

Creates a lamp that deals damage and applies Dendro. The expected amount of Dendro application from the Burst is 6 times, but it can potentially yield one extra application if you transfigure it with either Hydro or Electro immediately after it drops or just after it hits a target.

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Elemental Burst

Can be infused with Electro, Hydro or Pyro:

  • Hydro increases AoE, suitable for situations with multiple enemies.
  • Electro increases the number of damage instances, good against a single enemy.
  • Pyro deals Burst damage, which is arguably the worst reaction.


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DMC materials

DMC can obtain all constellations for free by completing Sumeru Archon Quest and Dendroculi.

  • C1: Gives DMC extra Energy
  • C2: This is the most useful constellation as it increases Burst duration by 3s
  • C3. Slight improvement in damage
  • C4: Obtain half of the buffs from A1 Passive right away
  • C5: Good improvement in damage
  • C6: Good support ability for Dendro teams

2. Dendro Traveler Weapon & Artifacts

ER Requirement

ER Requirement Situation
250% – 290% 1 Skill, Solo Dendro
200% – 230% 2 Skills, Solo Dendro
190% – 220% 2 Skills, Double Electro
160% – 190% 2 Skills, Double Dendro
200% – 250% 2 Skills, Double Dendro in Pure Bloom

Artifact Stats

The main stat for DMC is depending on the team they are on. Overall, ER/EM and Dendro damage are best.

Team Sands Goblet Circlet
Quicken ER > EM ≥ ATK Dendro DMG Bonus CRIT
Hyperbloom/Burgeon ER > ATK Dendro DMG Bonus CRIT
Pure Bloom ER or EM EM EM or CRIT Rate



  • Favonius Sword: Generally DMC’s BiS for most situations due to their massive Energy Recharge requirements across various team archetypes, even when intentionally building for personal damage. It also lets you generate more particles for the rest of the party, with the basic requirement of needing a lot of CRIT Rate to trigger frequently.
  • Sacrificial Sword: This lets DMC use their Skill one more time, effectively generating more Dendro particles, dealing extra damage, and applying more Dendro, while simultaneously making use of C1 to further reduce their ER requirements. That said, it is worth noting that its passive is reliant on RNG and has a noticeably long cooldown. This makes it generally unreliable to trigger every rotation until R4+, but it is otherwise a very solid option.
  • Skyward Blade: Decent alternative to the weapons above that also represents decent personal damage. This is mainly used for its ER substat on top of the high Base ATK.
  • Sapwood Blade / Festering Desire: Free weapons that can alleviate DMC’s ER requirements. Sapwood Blade can also be used to support another unit, and it is generally the baseline recommended weapon for DMC.
  • R4+ Amenoma Kageuchi / Skyrider Sword: Alternative free weapons to use if the above options are unavailable. Amenoma Kageuchi isn’t as valuable, since DMC only consumes 1 Succession Seed on the first rotation. Skyrider Sword works as a decent ER stat stick early on.


Artifacts Sets To Farm For Dendro Traveller 1024x5
Artifacts Sets To Farm For Dendro Traveller
  • 4pc Deepwood Memories: Main set to aim for as it is generally the Best in Slot for teams that deal Dendro DMG or use the Bloom reaction (including Hyperbloom/Burgeon). It is also ideal for DMC’s personal damage in any team.
  • 4pc Emblem of Severed Fate / 4pc Gilded Dreams: Good alternatives for personal damage in Quicken teams, especially if another unit is already using 4pc Deepwood Memories. Additionally, 4pc Gilded Dreams can also be useful if using DMC as a trigger in Pure Bloom teams.
  • 4pc Noblesse Oblige: Mainly sees use in Aggravate teams as it can provide a useful buff for ATK-scaling teammates. The 4pc effect also applies to DMC’s own Burst, which makes it decent even for personal damage.

3. Dendro Traveler team comps

Dendro MC is really flexible.

Pure Bloom

  • DMC + Nilou + Dendro + Hydro
Character Description
Nilou Nilou is one of the best Bloom characters. Players might want to stack HP on her alongside a bit of ER if needed. Her off-field Hydro application also makes it easier for DMC to transfigure their Lamp to Hydro, and allows Nilou to trigger a few Blooms herself.
Kokomi, Barbara, Yaoyao
Players need at least one healer in a Bloom team. Hydro units with slow healing can trigger Bloom more consistently if you use double Dendro. Yaoyao on the other hand can trigger Dendro while healing allowing players to run more offensive Hydro units.
Supplementary Hydro:
Xingqiu, Yelan, Ayato
Xingqiu and Yelan are the prime Hydro support for Nilou. Ayato is also a decent option as his Burst has consistent Hydro application.
Supplementary Dendro:
Nahida, Collei
Additional Dendro units are used on top of DMC’s Dendro application. They can reduce DMC’s ER requirements, and help shift a huge portion of the Bloom ownership to the slower Hydro units instead.


  • DMC + Hydro + Electro + Flex
Character  Description
Raiden, Shinobu, Fischl, Yae, Cyno
Electro units primarily serve as the trigger for Hyperbloom and Quicken, on top of providing damage and utility from their kit. Raiden Shogun and Kuki Shinobu are generally the ideal triggers from off-field, while characters like Cyno can utilize strategies that make use of Quicken and Hyperbloom at the same time.
Xingqiu, Yelan, Candace, Kokomi, Barbara, Ayato
Hydro units provide steady Hydro application to create Dendro Cores. Faster Hydro application is generally appreciated, but slower application can be useful for Quickbloom. Characters like Kokomi, Barbara and Ayato can perform both by being used on-field or off-field. You can use up to two Hydro units if needed.
Since her Burst does not target Dendro Cores, it allows her to be used for her off-field damage, slight defensive utility and Electro application, especially in multi-target content where she is best at.
Kazuha, Sucrose, Heizou, Venti
Anemo units can be used to trigger Hyperblooms from Electro auras on the enemies. The grouping they provide can be helpful, especially if you can make the Hyperbloom missiles hit multiple enemies at once. Ideally paired with units that are not good at hitting Dendro Cores like Fischl or Beidou.
Nahida, Yaoyao, Alhaitham, Collei
Additional Dendro units can be used on top of DMC’s Dendro application, which also reduces DMC’s ER requirements. Nahida and Alhaitham can also be used as drivers.
Zhongli, Albedo
Unobtrusive Geo units can also be used for their utility and/or damage.


  • DMC + Electro + Dendro/Electro + Flex
Character Description
Fischl, Keqing, Raiden, Lisa, Yae, Beidou, Shinobu, Cyno
Electro units can be excellent Aggravate drivers or off-field enablers for Quicken, on top of supplying their own personal damage and utility. You can have up to two Electro units for additional Energy generation and Electro uptime.
Nahida, Alhaitham, Tighnari, Yaoyao
Dendro units can also be the core of Quicken teams, but they can potentially suffer from making Anemo flex options less effective. These units can also reduce DMC’s ER requirements, allowing DMC to build offensively.
Kazuha, Sucrose, Venti, Sayu
Anemo units are very great in Double Electro teams, often providing grouping, VV Shred and their own individual utility on top of their boosted personal damage due to Aggravated Swirls.
Zhongli, Albedo
Unobtrusive Geo units can also be used for their utility and/or damage. This is especially relevant in Double Dendro teams where Anemo is less effective.


  • DMC + Hydro + Pyro + Flex
Character Description
Thoma, Xiangling, Bennett
Select a Pyro trigger that is most applicable to the team you have in mind. Thoma and Xiangling are very valuable for their off-field Pyro application, while Bennett can function as an on-field trigger with self-sufficient healing, or be used as a flex slot to battery Xiangling. At C6, Bennett can also enable other melee units to be the trigger.
Xingqiu, Yelan, Tartaglia, Kokomi, Barbara, Ayato
Hydro units provide steady Hydro application to create Dendro Cores. Faster Hydro application is greatly appreciated, and slotting in up to two Hydro characters can prove to be useful to combat Burning. Characters like Kokomi and Barbara who can both supply Hydro and provide healing are extra valuable.
Kazuha can be used to group enemies and trigger Burgeons by absorbing Pyro from Bennett’s Burst, on top of buffing other units.
Nahida, Collei, Yaoyao
These units can provide extra Dendro application if necessary, but are not recommended if the Hydro unit cannot take care of the Burning aura.
Zhongli, Albedo
Unobtrusive Geo units can also be used for their utility and/or damage.

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