Qiqi, Yaoyao, and four other characters are celebrating their birthdays in March. Check out their date of birth and signature gifts that players will receive on their birthday celebrations.

#1. Qiqi

Qiqi celebrated her birthday on March 3rd, 2023. When players logged in to the game yesterday, they received 10 Violetgrasses and a 3-star ATK-boosting dish called No Tomorrow. The 5-star Cryo character has a tragic story.

As a zombie, Qiqi finds it hard to retain her memories. She forgot a lot of things and people. Therefore, Qiqi always looks naive. 'No Tomorrow' is also her special food. It is the special version of the recipe of 'Come and Get It'.

Happy Birthday Qiqi
Happy Birthday to the little zombie Qiqi.

#2. Yaoyao

Yaoyao's birthday is on March 6th. She is one of the most anticipated 4-star characters in Genshin Impact this year. She finally became playable in the Lantern Rite festival in 2022, early enough to celebrate her first birthday in this game.

Genshin players will receive a Qingce Household Dish, the special dish of Yaoyao on her birthday. You can also get it by cooking Qingce Stir Fry with Qiqi.

Yaoyao Will Celebrate Her Birthday Tomorrow
Yaoyao will celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

#3. Shenhe

Shenhe will celebrate her birthday on March 10th. The Cryo supporter was released in the Lantern Rite Festival in 2021. Last year, Genshin Impact players receive a special dish of Heartstring Noodles and ten items of Whopperflower Nectar.

In the upcoming birthday celebration of Shenhe, you will get her special dish again. Besides, Genshin Impact can give players some local resources in Liyue.

Happy Birthday In March
Happy birthday to Shenhe and her friends.

#4. Jean

Jean will celebrate her birthday after Shenhe, on March 14th. As one of the earliest characters to arrive in the game, Jean has celebrated her birthday many times before. Players always get an Invigorating Pizza on Jean's birthday.

Besides, she also gives you some feature items, such as Philanemo Mushrooms and Windwheel Asters. This year, you may receive a new present with her special dish. It can be a local grass or an essential material for Jean.

Happy Birthday To Jean
Happy birthday to Jean

#5. Noelle

Noelle is the first free character for beginners in Genshin Impact. Hoyoverse always sends birthday gifts for Noelle to players on March 21st annually. The Knight of Favonius coming from Mondstatd is one of the oldest friends of the Traveler in this game.

Therefore, she often sends the Traveler a Lighter-than-Air Pancake with some attractive gifts on her birthday. For example, Noelle sent Lumine/Aether three Satisfying Salads dishes in 2021, and five Adventurers' Experiences in 2022.

Noelle Birthday
Noelle birthday is also coming soon.

#6. Kamisato Ayato

Your 'Husbando' character Ayato will celebrate his birthday on March 26th. The handsome and gentle young master of the Kamisato Clan will give you his favorite food, Quiet Elegance. This special dish matches his personality design perfectly.

In addition, you may get some local specialties from Narukami Island where the Kamisato Estate is located. Just wait to see his birthday gift at the end of this month.

Ayato Birthday Party
Ayato birthday party

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