Baizhu, Kaveh, and many famous Genshin Impact characters will likely become playable in the upcoming updates. Some of them have appeared in some cutscenes of archon quests. Check out who they are here.

#1. Baizhu - Liyue Herbal Pharmacist

The Traveler met Baizhu in update 1.0 for the first time. Baizhu is also the first character to be seen with a Dendro vision in the early stage of the game, but he hasn't been playable until now.

Recently, Genshin Impact published the official designs of this pharmacist on their social media accounts. It may imply that Baizhu can be the new 5-star unit released in update 3.6. A lot of fans even saved enough Primogems for a Baizhu C6.

Baizhu And Kaveh Genshin
Baizhu and Kaveh are likely to become playable in update 3.6.

#2. Kaveh - Alhaitham's Close Friend

Kaveh's design was also released with Baizhu's. You met him several times in update 3.2 while doing some world quests in Sumeru. Kaveh is also likely to become playable in update 3.6 like Baizhu.

Kaveh and Alhaitham are roommates and close friends though they have contrary personalities and mindsets. Besides, Kaveh is a handsome man who makes a lot of hearts race. His romance with Alhaitham also made his release more highly expected.

Kaveh Is A New 4 Star Character
Kaveh will be a new 4-star character.

#3. Arlecchino - Fatui Harbinger

Arlecchino is the most famous Fatui Harbinger in Genshin Impact. A lot of players and fans of this game want to get playable Arlecchino in 2023. Two Fatui Harbingers became playable, including Childe and Wanderer, whose names in Fatui are Tartaglia and Scaramouche.

Therefore, Genshin Impact players have reasons to believe that Arlecchino will become the next playable Fatui Harbinger in this game. It seems that this harbinger is not very loyal to Tsaritsa because she is pretty obsessed with power.

Arlecchino 2023
Hoyoverse may release Arlecchino in 2023.

#4. Dottore - Fatui Harbinger

Dottore is another famous Fatui Harbinger who isn't playable now. He also appeared in many quests and cutscenes of the Archon Quest in Sumeru. Dottore has many clones which also have different characteristics and thoughts.

One of these clones may still exist after the Doctor had destroyed them. Then, that clone might become a playable unit in the future. According to many leaks, the Doctor can be a claymore wielder, but his playable version hasn't been confirmed yet.

The Doctor Appeared In Nahidas Quest
The Doctor appeared in Nahida's archon quest.

#5. Focalors - Hydro Archon

The Hydro archon Focalors can become a playable character in 2023 after Dendro Archon Nahida. Archon stories in Genshin Impact are often very interesting to explore. Moreover, you can learn more about the story of Teyvat as well as the nations they rule and guard.

Though Fontaine hasn't been introduced yet, a lot of stories about this nation as well as Hydro archon have been searched. Players expect that the game will release Focalors and Fontaine around update 4.0 after most of Sumeru has been explored.

Focalors Hydro Archon
Hydro archon Focalors will become playable when Fontaine is opened.

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