Hoyoverse has published images of two new characters Kaveh and Baizhu on its official social media accounts. They may become playable characters in Update 3.6. Their handsome appearance makes them highly anticipated.

Two New "Husbando" Characters

Though Hoyoverse has not confirmed the release date of Baizhu and Kaveh in the posts, they are likely to come to Genshin Impact in Update 3.6. Because all upcoming banners in Genshin Impact 3.5 have been announced in the special Livestream program, including Dehya, Cyno, Ayaka, and Shenhe.

Baizhu And Kaveh
Kaveh and Baizhu may become playable characters in update 3.6.

Baizhu is 5-star Dendro DPS

Baizhu is one of the most anticipated characters in 2023. He was the first character to appear with a Dendro vision in this game. But his official release has been delayed. Many Dendro characters came to the game before him, such as Tignari, Collei, Yaoyao, Nahida, and Alhaitham.

That's why players are very excited about the recent post of Hoyoverse today. Moreover, his design has some small changes in the outfit that makes Baizhu looks more handsome. This 5-star Dendro character is the new member of the Husbando team in Genshin Impact.

This new character can provide your team with some buffs to increase interruption resistance, boost Dendro damage, and reduce the enemy's Dendro resistance. His kit also has a shield to protect and support his teammates.

Baizhu Has Some Changes In His Outfit
Baizhu has some changes in his outfit.

Kaveh is a 4-star Dendro supporter

Kaveh will be the new 4-star character in Baizhu's banner. He is one of Alhaitham's close friends who often appears in many cutscenes of his character quests. Kaveh is expected to be an exclusive 4-star Dendro supporter for Baizhu like Kujou Sara and Gorou.

This new character impressed a lot of players with his handsome face and fashionable outfit. Besides, Kaveh at high constellation levels can increase the speed of normal attacks and boost the damage of elemental skills for the main DPS.

Kaveh Is A New 4 Star Character
Kaveh is a new 4-star character in Baizhu's banner.

Both Baizhu and Kaveh have a high chance to arrive in update 3.6 as their designs were officially released when Update 3.4 is about to end while no other design has been seen on Genshin's fanpages recently.

Predict Rerun Banners In Update 3.6

Since rerun banners of three other characters haven't been confirmed, Nahida is highly expected to return. Though her banner was introduced not very long ago, the Dendro archon is highly anticipated to come back in version 3.6.

Nilou is also expected to come back when her story in Sumeru hasn't finished yet. There are many leaks about the new character Alice from Mondstadt. But it seems that Genshin Impact won't release more than two new characters in an update.

Upcoming Banners In Update 3 6
Upcoming rerun banners in update 3.6 are still unknown.

Genshin Impact Update 3.6 will be available six weeks later. If you want to increase the chance to get Baizhu and rerun characters in that update, you should start to save Primogems now. Moreover, Genshin players will get free Intertwined Fates after completing Archon Quests from update 3.5 to roll favorite characters.

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