There are seven elements in Genshin Impact, each of which has some powerful characters who can take the DPS role. Check out the best DPS characters for every element in this game here.

#1. Hu Tao - Pyro DPS

Hu Tao is the best Pyro DPS character with mind-blowing damage of elemental bursts and devastating reactions. Her element is also the most aggressive and strongest element in combat.

You should give Hu Tao her signature polearm Staff of Homa and 4 pieces of Crimson Witch of Flames to maximize her power. Hu Tao produces the greatest damage when her HP is under 30%.

Hu Tao Is The Best Dps Character Now
Hu Tao is the best DPS character now

#2. Raiden Shogun - Electro DPS

Raiden Shogun is always one of the most potent DPS characters in Genshin Impact. She is also a flexible team member who can play as a sub-DPS or Electro applicator.

Raiden has an insanely powerful elemental burst that makes sequent Normal Attacks deadly to enemies. The Electro archon can get maximum damage when she plays in her national team with Bennett, Xiangling, and Xingqiu.

Raiden Can Play Well In Every Position
Raiden can play well in every position.

#3. Ayaka - Cryo DPS

Ayaka is considered the best Cryo DPS thanks to her element burst and amazing ability to freeze enemies. She can freeze every enemy marked with Hydro aura by her sprinting skill, elemental skill, and elemental burst.

Moreover, her Frozen team is very useful and convenient to use for single targets and groups of enemies.  She is also an excellent on-field DPS who can dodge deadly attacks by using her sprinting skill.

#4. Ayato - Hydro DPS

The elder brother of Ayaka, Kamisato Ayato, is the best Hydro DPS. After this Hydro character became playable, he made the Hydro element more aggressive.

His elemental skill and burst also make his normal attacks more dangerous to enemies. Moreover, Ayato will deal more damage to enemies when he gets aid from an off-field Pyro supporter, such as Xiangling or Bennet.

Ayaka And Ayato
Ayaka and Ayato are managing Kamisato Clan well.

#5. Wanderer - Anemo DPS

Wanderer is the latest 5-star Anemo character, but he surpassed Xiao to become the best Anemo DPS in Genshin Impact. He has an amazing hovering ability which is very unique in the game now.

To optimize Wanderer's power, you should use Normal and Charged Attacks while hovering after releasing his elemental skill. Then, finish the attack combo with his amazing burst.

Wanderer Has A Unique Gameplay
Wanderer has unique gameplay.

#6. Alhaitham - Dendro DPS

Alhaitham also surpassed Nahida to become the best Dendro DPS character. Because this man can stay on the field and trigger powerful elemental reactions. He can play as a Hypercarry character with his current kits.

#7. Arataki Itto - Geo DPS

Itto is undeniably the best Geo DPS who can get charged attack buffs from normal attack and elemental skills. He is also the Hypercarry in his Geo team with Albedo, Zhongli, and Gorou playing as supporters.

Alhaitham And Itto
Alhaitham and Itto are two powerful husbando characters.

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