Dehya is underrated though she hasn't been released yet. Check out five reasons why Dehya's kit is not highly anticipated in Genshin Impact now.

#1. Leonine Bite Auto Attacks

Dehya's elemental burst 'Leonine Bite' often automatically targets and attacks small enemies and ignores giant bosses when countering multiple enemies. It's a waste of a powerful attack which is often a deadly attack in this game.

This burst is only helpful when Dehya counters single targets. She is not a good character for the Spiral Abyss challenge where you often have to counter crowds. That's why Dehya's arrival is one of the least expected banners.

Dehyas Elemental Burst
Her elemental burst is not useful in Spiral Abyss.

#2. Can't Get Xingqiu & Yelan's Buffs

Xingqiu and Yelan are two excellent sub-DPS characters for Pyro, Electro, Dendro, Cryo, and Hydro on-field DPS. But Dehya cannot cooperate with these Hydro sub-DPS.

If she casts all normal attacks and elemental skills after releasing her elemental burst, she cannot trigger elemental reactions with the Hydro aura that Yelan and Xinqiu put on the enemy. Therefore, Dehya is not a good choice for vapourize team, one of the most useful and powerful teams in Genshin Impact now.

Dehya Supporter
Dehya cannot team up with Yelan and Xinqiu well.

#3. Her Supporting Role & Gameplay

Though Dehya uses a melee weapon and has an AoE burst, she is not an ideal on-field DPS character. This 5-star unit only plays well in the role of an off-field supporter who decreases and absorbs the damage her party gets.

But this gameplay and position waste her elemental burst. Dehya's burst is only useful when she stands on the battlefield. Otherwise, her normal/charged/plunged attacks and elemental skills cannot take damage buffs from her burst.

Dehya Role
She is not an ideal DPS character.

#4. Low Damage Scaling

Dehya's damage scaling is another reason why her kit is a disappointment to lots of players. Her ATK and max HP multipliers are not much higher than the 4-star unit Thoma. They are also much lower than those of other 5-star units in this game.

Besides, Dehya also has the lowest damage multiplier of normal and charged attacks among Claymore wielders in this game. As a result, her output damage is not ideal for a DPS role in your team.

Genshin Impact Dehya
She is pretty weak in comparison with 5-star units. Sha

#5. Limited Ability To Play As A Tanker

The conflict between her abilities and her gameplay makes Dehya a hard-to-play unit in Genshin Impact. She seems to be a good tanker in reducing taken damage for the whole team. But it can be hard to get benefits from her kit when countering nimble enemies, such as elemental shroom monsters in Sumeru.

When you have to fight off dangerous bosses like Consecrated Beasts and Maguu Kenki, it's impractical to stay in the Fiery Sanctum field to reduce taken damage.

Dehya Genshin Impact
Dehya's kit makes a lot of players disappointed.

However, this new character has not been officially released yet. Just wait to play and experience it by yourself.

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