Many Genshin Impact characters do not know they can get lots of free Primogems from character invitations in Serenitea Pot. Check out how to claim these free Primogems easily from Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot here.

Get Primogems In Serenitea Pot

The placement function maintenance in Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot ended a few days ago when Genshin Impact 2.7 comes. You can continue to decorate your realm with trees, houses, animals, flowers, etc. Especially, Genshin Impact offers players many stunning furnishing sets.

Obtain Realm Dispatch

Beginners in the game should complete Tubby's Idle Teapot Talk quest to get the Realm Dispatch item first. Here's how to complete this interesting quest.

  • Go to Serenitea Pot;
  • Talk to Tubby;
  • Complete the dialogue.

Then, you get a lot of Mora, Hero's Wits, and a Realm Dispatch to unlock the Companion Move-In feature in this unique world land. After that, players can invite companions to their realm.

Invite Character
You can invite characters to your furnishing sets.

Add Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact characters only visit finishing sets in the Serenitea Pot. In addition, you can only invite characters who are available in your character list. Besides, they should have settled in your realm already.

To settle your characters in your own world, open the placement feature and go to the Companion tab. Select characters to add to the Teapot Realm. You can place them both outdoors on the realm islands and indoors in the mansion, but keep an eye on the load capacity of the area.

Invite Characters
There are many sets of furnishing in Serenity Pot.

Add Furnishing Sets

The Furnishing Set in Genshin Impact is a group of a number of furnishing items. You can obtain the blueprints for these sets from Tubby’s Depot, loot chests, mission rewards, etc. After unlocking these furnishing sets, you check out the required components to complete the set.

Next, craft and purchase enough furnishing items for the set and place the set on the position indoors or outdoors. Open the Placement menu and go to Outdoor Sets or Indoor Sets. Keep in mind that these sets take more load capacity than single furnishing.

Claim Rewards
You can claim rewards after settling characters in the set.

Claim Gifts

After settling the character by adding the companion to Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot, they will appear in the set and you can see a gift box icon on the minimap. Get to that location to see the character and talk with them to get all the gifts. Each character gives you 20 Primogems and lots of Mora.

Invite Characters To Furnishing Sets

After placing the furnishing set in the chosen location in your mansion or on the vacant outdoor land. Turn off the placement option and go around the new furnishing set in your Serenity Pot and select the option of inviting characters.

Then, a pop-up box of Invite Companion with many character options appear. You can only invite characters who like the furnishing set and have settled into the Serenite Pot already. Select and tap on the Invite option.

Select The Character
Select the characters to invite to the furnishing set.

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