On the second day of the Perilous Trail Genshin Impact event, a new domain has been introduced to users. However, before entering this domain, you need to finish the Danger All Around Genshin Archon Quest.

In this quest, a puzzle is considered to be quite hard to solve especially for beginners. In general, you need to step on the accurate symbols on the ground and operate a device to shine a light beam on the symbol. In order to guide you in a more detailed way, Gurugamer has included a specific guide for this Danger All Around puzzle.

Danger All Around Domain
Danger All Around was introduced in the Perilous Trail Genshin event lately.

How to solve the Danger All Around Genshin Impact domain

Danger All Around is part of the ongoing Perilous Trail Genshin Impact event.

In total, inside the Danger All Around domain are four symbols with different hues and images. You can begin with any color instead of a fixed order.

As you step on the correct symbol, you will be able to activate it and solve the puzzle. However, your active character will suffer from some damage if you walk onto the wrong symbol.

The different colors on the symbols are divided into four kinds:

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
City Of Hidden Runes Danger All Around Genshin Puz
There are four symbols representing four elements: Anemo, Geo, Electro, and Hydro.

While part one of the puzzle is all about matching symbols, the second part will require you to activate the symbols with the “Lightshaper” mechanism.

1. Yellow symbol

Before you start, make sure you remember what the yellow symbol looks like. There are 4 similar symbols of the correct yellow one on the floor and players need to step on every one of them.

As every correct icon has been successfully activated, you shall see three Mitachurls prompts. Defeat them to continue the puzzle.

The next step is using a Lightshaper to light up and have large symbols activated.

Step On The Correct Symbol
There are four correct yellow symbols that you need to step on.

Move the beam of light from both mechanisms to the corresponding rune sets. You may also rotate the light with the E and Q buttons for it to flawlessly fit the set of runes.

The yellow beam of light of the rune sets could be the hardest among every symbol.

A short cutscene would begin to show that you have completed this part of the puzzle here.

Light Up The Symbol With Lighshaper
Operate the beam of light to touch the corresponding symbols.

2. Blue symbol

Now, continue the Danger All Around Genshin Impact with the blue symbol. Remember what it looks like and enter the portal behind the symbol in order to teleport to the puzzle ground.

There are 4 correct symbols on each area of the ground. Three of them lie near one another so you can easily spot them.

The enemies will also appear once you have chosen four correct symbols. After defeating them, reach the mechanism and move the light beam to its exact set of runes.

Danger All Around Operate Light
Keep solving the blue symbol part with the same pattern for the yellow one.

3. Purple symbol

After that, players can move to the purple color. Identical to the other two signs we have gone through, the purple symbol has four correct icons on the ground. Make sure you step on the right icons to have the puzzle continue.

As one Lawachurl appears when the correct icons have all been activated, the player has to defeat it to continue solving the puzzle.

Purple Symbol Danger All Around Genshin
Make sure you remember how the symbols look.

4. Green symbol

The last symbol of the Danger All Around Genshin Impact domain is the green one. This icon looks like a temple roof.

Enter the portal behind the green symbol to land on the puzzle stage. Like other symbols, the green symbol has four correct icons engraved on the ground.

Just remember that this symbol is identical to a temple roof. Once you are done, two Geovishaps would appear. And as usual, sweep them off in order to keep the task continuing.

Anemo Symbol Danger All Around
Only when players step on the right symbol that it glows.

The beam of the light puzzle is the easiest one, and players won't have a problem completing it. Once all four symbols have been activated, the puzzle is considered complete, and a hidden pathway will appear on one of the platforms.

Once Genshin Impact players have entered the hole inside the platform, they can continue the quest by following the navigation. They will receive Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and Hero's Wit at the end of the quest.

In addition, the Kaleidoscope Cage domain in the Realms of Guile and War gameplay inside the Perilous Trail event will also be unlocked, and players can complete it to obtain Primogem rewards.

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