Many Genshin Impact characters are celebrating their birthdays in June 2022. They send or will send players birthday items in their birthday letters. Check out what items you get on their birthdays below.

#1. Paimon & Itto

Paimon is the most iconic character in Genshin Impact who celebrated her birthday on June 1st. Arataki Itto's birthday is also on June 1st. Interestingly, these two characters do not only share the same birthday but also their characteristics: both Paimon and Itto are greedy for attention and treasure.

Players received many attractive rewards in the in-game mailbox on these special occasions.

  • It's Paimon's Birthday: Sugar, Flour, and Sunsettia;
  • Arataki Itto's birthday: His special dish Way of the Strong and Inazuma's local fruit Lavender Melon.

Besides, don't forget to read their birthday letter can find something interesting that can be written in the letter. Sometimes, Genshin Impact players may miss some game news in those letters.

Itto Birthday
Itto celebrated his birthday yesterday.

#2. Lisa

Lisa will celebrate her birthday on June 9th. The mysterious librarian in Mondstadt will send players some Calla Lily flowers and her special dish Mysterious Bolognaise. This year, this beautiful mage may also send you some portions of reagents. Some information about the new country Sumeru will be also unveiled in her birthday letter.

Lisa Art
Lisa's birthday is coming soon.

#3. Venti

Venti's birthday is on June 16th. It's still unknown whether it's his real date of birth or the birthday of the Archon's vessel. Venti is the human version of the Anemo Archon who is thousands of years old.

Last year, players received Windwheel Asters and his special dish Buoyant Breeze on his birthday. This year, players may get the same rewards. Don't forget to log into the game on June 16th and check the in-game mailbox to claim his birthday items.

Happy Birthday Venti
Happy birthday Venti.

#4. Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a beautiful girl in Inazuma who has been released in the game on August 10, 2021, when her birthday was over. Therefore, this June 21st is the first time Yoimiya celebrates her birthday in Gensin Impact.

Therefore, there can be a big birthday celebration this month. Moreover, this firework girl loves to party. You can receive a local fruit or flower in Inazuma, such as Naku Weed and her special dish called Summer Festival Fish on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Yoimiya
Happy Birthday Yoimiya

#5. Raiden Shogun

A few days after Yoimiya's birthday, Raiden Shogun will celebrate her birthday on June 26th. Like Venti, Raiden Shogun is also the vessel of Electro Archon. So, it's still uncertain whether June 26th is her real date of birth or not.

Baal is also a new character who came to the game on September 1st last year. So, it's also the first time Raiden Shogun celebrates her birthday in this game. Since Baal does not have any special dish, it's still unknown which item players will receive on her birthday.

Raiden Shogun
Happy birthday Raiden Shogun.

#6. Yae Miko

Only a day after Baal's birthday, her mate - Yae Miko - also celebrates her birthday on June 27th for the first time in Genshin Impact. Fukuuchi Udon is her special dish, so you can receive it on her birthday.

Besides, players can receive a local item in Yae Miko's country with her special dish, such as Sea Ganoderma. She may include advertisements for her new light novel in the birthday letter.

Yae Miko Birthday
Happy Yae Miko's Birthday

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