The Genshin Impact compass puzzle is the most difficult part of the End of the Line archon quest. But you can solve it easily in some quick and simple steps. It's also the most interesting activity in the Perilous Trail event. Check out how to solve it here.

I. Genshin Impact Compass Puzzle Solution

The compass puzzle in the Fantastic Compass domain is pretty challenging but also extremely interesting. By choosing the option 'At Tunnel's End, Light', you can start the domain. Then, follow the navigation to reach the domain and follow these steps to solve the puzzle.

  • First Realm

Enter the domain called Realm of Snaring Illusions and defeat Treasure Hoarders while playing as Yanfei. Then, go to the right to find the compass and destroy the small tree next to it. Next, adjust the time by rotating the needle forward once. After that, you need to move to the portal gate and get ready for the next realm challenge.

Genshin Impact Compass Puzzle
Enter four realms and solve the Fantastic Compass puzzle.
  • Second Realm

In the second realm, you can control Yanfei and Yelan as trial characters. It's pretty more challenging because you need to fight off some dangerous Fatui enemies. After winning combat, players also head to the right side and pull the lever to open the gate.

Don't forget to open the gate because it's very important for future steps to solve the puzzle. Like in the first realm, you also make the needle of the Fantastic Compass rotate forward once before entering the portal gate.

Open The Gate
Pull the mechanism to open the gate and approach the compass.
  • Third Realm

In the third realm, Xiao will take the responsibility to take the Electro Yaksha down before solving the third compass. This Fantastic Compass is also located on the right side of the arena. But you need to clear the spider and its web to approach the compass.

Unlike in the two previous realms, you need to move the needle of the third compass backward twice to go to the farthest past milestone. Then, head to the portal gate again.

Second Realm
Rotate the needle in the first, second, and fourth compasses Forward and the third compass Backward.
  • Fourth Realm

The fourth realm is also the last step in the Fantastic Compass puzzle. It's also the easiest realm because players don't have to engage in any combat and fight off the enemy. Just head to the compass and rotate the needle until it reaches the farthest milestone in the future time.

Then, enter the portal gate to move to the Abyss.  Investigate the small compass to complete the challenge. Then, players will explore the story of Yaksha in Liyue in the cutscene at the end of the domain challenge.

Genshin Impact Compass Puzzle 4th
The fourth realm is the easiest challenge when you don't need to fight.

II. End Of The Line Rewards

End of the Line is the fourth archon quest in the quest chain of the current Perilous Trail event in Genshin Impact. These items can be used for enhancing characters and weapons. You can get many valuable rewards after completing this quest, including:

  • Mystic ores x11;
  • Hero's Wits ×5;
  • Adventure EXP ×1,325;
  • Mora ×58,200.

These rewards are contained in the Precious Chest with many rare items and artifacts. Moreover, you also get 5 Primogems after opening the treasure chest. The amount of Adventure EXP from this quest helps you reach a higher Adventure Rank.

Yaksha In Genshin
You can explore the story about the story of Yaksha in Genshin Impact in this quest.

Then, you can unlock the quest 'At Tunnel's End, Light' - the final quest in the event quest chain for more challenges. Genshin Impact players can try some new characters you may haven't got, such as Yelan, Yanfei, and Xiao. Then, they can decide whether these characters are worth your Primogems or not, especially Xiao and Yelan.

III. Eligibility For End Of The Line

Genshin Impact players have to meet some requirements to be eligible for the End of the Line quest. To take part in the quest, you have to unlock The Chasm: Underground Mines - the location of the quest chain. Besides, you need to:

  • Reach AR 28 and above;
  • Complete the previous quest 'Danger All Around'.

This quest chain is very interesting with many puzzles and combat activities. After completing the Perilous Trail event, you can receive a free 4-star bow Fading Twilight which is one of the best weapons for the new character Yelan.

Those are all steps and tips to complete the interesting Genshin Impact compass puzzle in the archon quest 'End of the Line'. Just take part in this event and get tons of treasures as well as interesting experiences.

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