Genshin Impact Perilous Trail is an upcoming domain challenge event in Genshin Impact 2.7. You can get a lot of rewards from this event, including the free 4-star bow Fading Twilight and refinement material for this weapon.

I. Release Date & Guide

Perilous Trail will be launched some days in Update 2.7. The exact release date is still unknown but it may come to the game in the second half of the next version, after Drumalong and Core of the Apparatus events.

You may have to Chapter 2: Act 4 Archon Quest and unlock The Chasm: Underground Mines to be eligible for this event. Genshin Impact players can also deploy some characters in combat in this domain challenge event. These free trial characters are often powerful with the best build sets.

Perilous Event
Perilous Trail will be available soon in the next update.

II. Genshin Impact Perilous Trail Gameplay

According to the Livestream Program of Genshin Impact 2.7, the Perilous Trail event features five characters who appear in the banner of the event, including:

  • Xiao;
  • Arataki Itto;
  • Kuki Shinodu;
  • Yelan;
  • Yanfei.

Besides, Traveler's twin also joins them in the story of Perilous Trail with Paimon as the MC. You can also find the connection between the Abyss Order and the Chasm. Here's how to play this event.

Enter Domains
There are many characters featured in the event, including old and new characters.
  • Check Out All Characters

There are many featured in the story of the Perilous Trail event. Apart from the six characters listed above, there are some characters for free trials, such as Xingqiu, Qiqi, Chongyun, Shenhe, and Keqing who also appeared in Genshin Impact Livestream Program.

You need to understand these characters well, such as their gameplay, skills, talents, and elemental reactions to use them correctly. Understanding characters help you build the best team to clear enemies faster in these combat challenges.

Deploy Characters
Deploy characters effectively and correctly to get benefits from your powerful team. 
  • Realm Guile and War

After checking all characters for deploying, you enter the Realm Guile and War domain and defeat enemies. There are four domains with different enemies to defeat. When you complete the Archon Quest chain, you can unlock these domains.

You can also check out the details of these domains before entering them. Players should know all enemies available in the domain to prepare and choose the best characters to counter them effectively. Choose the right element and build the strongest teams with effective elemental reactions to win the hardest level of difficulty quickly.

New Domain Challenge
There are four domains with a lot of combat challenges with different difficulty levels.
  • Complete Domain Challenges

Each of the three first domains has three rounds of combat with three levels of difficulty. The 4th domain challenge has six rounds of combat. It means that Genshin Impact players do eighteen combat challenges at three levels of difficulty in the last domain.

There are two domains teased in the Livestream Program, including Dire Cliff Court and Kaleidoscope Cage. The two other domains will be unveiled soon when it's unlocked.

Fading Twilight Event
The Fading Twilight domains are placed in the Chasm. 
  • Choose Stratagems Buffs

Players need to rearrange their parties and select the Stratagems Buff after each round of combat. These Stratagems give your party members great buffs to boost the party's skills. Your party will be more powerful in order to defeat the enemy faster.

Moreover, you will obtain Moonlit Cragstones after completing these combat challenges. Then, use these tokens to exchange for attractive rewards in the shop of the event. There are many rare and essential resources you may need to ascend and enhance weapons and characters.

Select Buffs
You need to select the Stratagems to boost the party's skills.

III. Genshin Impact Perilous Trail Rewards

Genshin Impact players can earn a lot of rewards from the Perilous Trail event, including a free 4-star bow and its refinement material. Moreover, it's an interesting experience in the next version of the game. Here are all rewards you can get from this event.

  • Fading Twilight x1;
  • Glowing Gem (refinement material of Fading Twilight) x1;
  • Primogems;
  • Mora;
  • Hero's Wit;
  • Crown of Insight;
  • Talent-Up Materials;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore;
  • Weapon Ascension Materials.

The full detail of the Genshin Impact Perilous Trail event will be updated when it's launched. Just stay stunned and get ready to take part in this interesting event. You can use the free bow Fading Twilight for many characters, including the upcoming character Yelan.

Fading Twilight
You can get a Fading Twilight bow for free from this event.

Those are all the details you need to know about Genshin Impact Perilous Trail event. It will be available soon in the upcoming update. Just understand the gameplay and get ready for it now.

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