Snapdragon is one of the main ingredients for Spice from the West Day IV in Genshin Impact. Here are all locations to collect this ingredient and must-know tips to complete spice recipes in Genshin Impact.

#1. Snapdragon Locations

Snapdragon is a local ingredient in Mondstadt and Liyue. There are 97 snapdragon flowers in the wild per day. They often grow near water areas, such as rivers and lakes. Here are the best places to pick up these flowers in Teyvat.

  • In the northern part of Liyue where there are many lakes and rivers;
  • Around Windrise valley, along the stream near the Statue of Seven.

Just roam around riverbanks and lakes to pick up as many Snapdragon in the wild as possible. Besides, players can purchase 10 Snapdragon flowers from the Botanist "Chloris" in a path in Windrise. Each item costs 280 Mora. The shop will be refreshed after 3 days.

There are many Snapdragon flowers in Windrise.

In addition, Travelers can also pick up Snapdragon flowers from your Serenitea Pot garden. But keep in mind that all flowers and plants need 72 hours to grow and develop fully in the Teapot Realm.

#2. Tips To Complete All Spices

The later recipes in Spice from the West are more difficult to complete. You need more ingredients and better timing skills to tap when the needle passes the point of ingredient. Here are some tips to complete these difficult spice recipes you may need.

  • Pick up and buy as many ingredients as possible because difficult spices need more than one item of each ingredient type.
  • Learn the recipe by heart. You may need some trials until you remember the right order of ingredients to put into the pot and mix.
  • Tap on the spoon button to put the right ingredients in the pot when the needle passes it.

For example, you need six ingredients to make the sixth spice in the event, including Snapdragon, Pinecone, and Salt. These ingredients should be put in the pot in the right order.

Learn The Recipe First
Learn the recipe before making successful spices.

#3. All Spice from the West recipes

Learn and remember the right order of ingredients for each recipe. Here are all recipes in this event up to now.

  • 1st recipe (3 ingredients): Mint - Pepper - Horsetail;
  • 2nd recipe (4 ingredients): Mint - Pinecone - Lotus Head - Pinecone;
  • 3rd recipe (4 ingredients): Mint - Salt - Snapdragon - Mint;
  • 4th recipe (5 ingredients): Mint - Pinecone - Pinecone - Mint - Violet grass;
  • 5th recipe (5 ingredients): Pepper - Pepper - Lotus Head - Salt - Lotus Head;
  • 6th recipe (6 ingredients): Pinecone - Snapdragon - Pinecone - Salt - Snapdragon - Salt.

You should keep an eye on the number of ingredients you need for the spice first. Players may fail some trials before succeeding in completing the spice at least three times. You should use these recipes right away and claim 60 Primogems with lots of rewards.

Genshin Impact 2.7 Update will come soon. The server will be closed for maintenance before the update is ready on May 31st, 2022.

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