Spices From The West is an upcoming event in Genshin Impact 2.6. This new event will bring you a lot of amazing experiences. Check out the gameplay and rewards of this interesting event here.

Spices From The West Gameplay

Spices from the West event will take place in Genshin Impact 2.6. The official release date is still unknown. This is a cooking event for Genshin Impact players to earn Companion EXP. Travelers will help a researcher from Sumeru who comes to Liyue to research seasonings.

You need to do experiments with seasonings and cook Fragrant Dishes. Then, let your Serenitea Pot Companions taste the dish. Then, you will get Companion EXP. Here are the main jobs in the event.

  • Help the Sumeru visitor research seasonings.
  • Try out spice recipes.
  • Create new spices.
  • Cook Fragrant Dishes from Delicious Dishes.
  • Have your Serenitea Pot companions try the dish.

There are many works you need to do in this event but those duties are very relaxing and simple.

Spices From The West
Spices From The West will be

Conduct Research on Spices

Travelers will follow the seasoning recipes that the Sumeru researcher gave to make spices. Then, use these spices to cook special dishes. During the event, you will unlock seven recipes. Each spice recipe includes three ingredients in Teyvat.

Cook the Spices

From the given ingredients and recipes, you make the spices. Firstly, you will see a large pot and a slider like on the fishing screen. To select the ingredients to put in the pot, you let the needle stop under the right ingredient.

You need to keep track of the needle. Then, press the Space button after the slider bar when the needle reaches the right ingredient. If you fail to select the correct ingredients and make the right seasoning three times, you fail the challenge. Each player has only three times of tries at maximum.

Select The Ingredient
Select the ingredient.

Use Spices To Cook Fragrant Dishes

After you succeed to make the required seasoning, you add them to your Delicious Dishes. Then, you will obtain Fragrant Dishes. Afterward, you enter the Serenitea Pot and give your companions the fragrant dishes to increase the Companionship Level.

To invite companions to your Serenitea Pot, open the housing system. Select the Companion category and choose the available to add to the Teapot world. You can only invite characters you have obtained in the Open World.

Cook The Spice
Cook the spice according to the recipe.

Rewards From Spices Event

The upcoming Spices from the West event will also be a great source of Primogems to farm. Besides, you can earn tons of Mora to buy things and pay the fee to craft and enhance characters or weapons. In addition, the event's rewards also include some rare materials, such as:

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore;
  • Hero's Wit;
  • Mist Veiled Gold Elixir weapon ascension materials.

Sumeru is still an unknown nation in Genshin Impact. The appearance of the researcher from Sumeru can be a hint that Sumeru will be unlocked soon. As the name of the event, Sumeru will be in the East of the current Teyvat.

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