Horsetail, mint, and pepper are three materials you need to make the first spice in the Genshin Impact event - Spice from the West. Here are the best places to get these materials and complete the first recipe for the researcher from Sumeru in this event.

Spice From The West
The first recipe in Spice from the West.

#1. Horsetail Locations

Horsetail is a local grass in Liyue. You can get it in cane areas near rivers, lakes, and marshes. You can collect up to 27 horsetail grass items per day. Dihua Marsh is the best place to pick up this grass in this game. Go along the bank and find it inside cane areas.

The horsetail in the wild will respawn after 48 hours. If you have picked and used all of your grass today, go to  Bubu Pharmacy and purchase 10 horsetail items from NPC Herbalist Gui every three days. Each horsetail grass costs you 240 Mora.

Horsetail Genshin Impact
Horsetail only grows in cane areas in Liyue's marshes.

You can also harvest it in your Serenitea Pot if you grew it at least three days before. All plants in the Serenitea Pot garden need 72 hours to develop fully.

#2. Mint Locations

Travelers can also grow Mints in Serenitea Pot's garden. Mint is an available cooking ingredient in Teyvat that you can find a lot in many places in Mondstadt, such as:

  • Stormterror's Lair;
  • North of Falcon Coast;
  • Dragonspine;

and some locations in Liyue, such as:

  • Bishui Plain;
  • Cuijue Slope;
  • South of Mt. Tianheng;
  • Lisha.

Inazuma also has some best places to collect dozens of mints quickly, such as:

  • Mt. Yougou;
  • Asase Shrine;
  • Fort Fujitou;
  • East of Serpent's Head.
Genshin Impact Mint Location
You can find lots of Mints in Teyvat or grow it in your Serenitea Pot's garden.

This plant often grows alone in the wild, so you need to go on some trips to get all of them. But in those best locations, you can farm dozens of mints in a few minutes. You can also buy some from Chloris in Windrise, Mondstadt.

#3. Pepper

Pepper is not free to pick in Teyvat. Players need to use Mora to purchase this spice from three General Goods Shops in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Here are three Goods Shops in Genshin Impact.

  • Blanche: opposite Sara's restaurant.
  • Dongsheng: right at the Southern gate of Liyue Harbor.
  • Aoi: some footsteps from the south Teleport Waypoint in Inazuma City.

You can buy 100 Pepper per day from each shop. Each pepper unit costs you only 80 Mora. Sometimes, it's discounted to 70 Mora each. So, players can get lots of pepper quickly without having to traverse the map.

After collecting enough ingredients for the first recipe in Genshin Impact's Spice from the West event, you open the event lobby and make the seasonings according to the recipe.

You can make as many spices as possible to cook fragrant dishes and give them to characters in your Teapot Realm and increase the Companion EXP. But you only need to complete the first recipe three times to get 60 Primogems and other rewards for this recipe.

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