Genshin Impact players have to collect different items across Teyvat for cooking and crafting. Mint is one of the items that are needed for both purposes, making it a hot search amongst players.

Mint Genshin Impact is a blueish, cone-shaped flower with green leaves surrounding the bottom. On another hand, like other common plants such as Sweet Flowers, mint farming locations are not easy to remember.

Here’s a guide on all Mint locations in Genshin Impact and the different ways you can adopt to get them.

Mint 2
You can find Mint across Teyvat, but here lie its best locations on the map. 

Best Mint locations in Genshin Impact

Players can farm mint anywhere on the Teyvat map, from the peaks of the Dragonspine all the way to the Inazuma islands. No matter what you are collecting in your world, you can always nab some mint on the way.

However, it is very hard to pin down the best spots to collect as many mints as possible. Despite this, we can note some locations on the map with more concentrations of this plant.

The best Mint locations in Genshin Impact must be in Stormterror's Lair, Liyue, and Mondstadt, although you can actually get some mint in Inazuma. Take a look at the mint Genshin Impact map below:

1. Mondtstadt and Dragonspine

Mint plants spawn a lot in these two areas. Although the snow may cover things on Dragonspine, the glow will make sure players can spot the item.

You can find a bunch of mint near Mondstadt and the Four Winds.

2. Liyue

You will be able to get quite a large stock of mint in Liyue. Mint grows on grassy terrains in the game, so make sure you don’t miss any in these places.

3. Stormterror's Lair

Another good place to farm mint is the Four Winds region.

Mint In Inazuma
Some can also be found in Inazuma.

Where to buy and plant Mint in Genshin Impact

Apart from finding it in the wild, there are several other methods to obtain mint also.

1. Where to buy Mint

You can seek the help of an NPC vendor in the game called Chloris. You can find her in Windrise, Mondstadt. She has 10 Mint with the cost of 150 Mora each. The stock refreshes every 3 days.

Mint Genshin
You can choose to buy Mint from Chloris.

2. How to plant Mint in Serenitea Pot

Those who have opened Serenitea Pot may also farm their own Mint source. As usual, you can choose to either harvest Mint in the wild using the Seed Dispensary or buy from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency to get Mint seeds.

Mint needs Jade Fields to be able to grow, the same with Jueyun Chilly, Valberry, and Carrot. You can plant many plants in the same way if you have the correct kind of plots for the suitable types of plants.

Mint Genshin Impact
They will take about 3 days to fully grow.

Mint recipes in Genshin Impact

For those who wonder "what is mint used for in Genshin Impact", the plant is part of many food recipes for reviving and buffing characters. Check out some recipes you will want to use:

  • A Prize Catch
  • Blue Dye
  • Calla Lily Seafood Soup
  • Cold Cut Platter
  • Crispy Potato Shrimp Platter
  • Die Heilige Sinfonie
  • Mint Essential Oil
  • Mint Jelly
Mint Recipe Genshin Impact
The Mint Jelly dish of Genshin Impact in real life.
  • Radish Veggie Soup
  • Satiety Gel
  • Mint Salad
  • Minty Meat Rolls

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