Hunting for insects actually means something in Genshin Impact. You may use them to power up your character or even craft a mighty potion used in combats. And butterflies are among those creatures you will find extremely resourceful.

In fact, any player who encounters and manages to catch a butterfly with a flickering trail in the game will be able to get butterfly wings - a rare material needed in different recipes. For those who are intrigued, here’s a guide on Butterfly Genshin Impact to help them chase down this creature.

Albedo With Butterflies Genshin Impact
Here's where you can find and can you buy butterfly wings in Genshin Impact?

Butterfly Genshin Impact locations

The in-game butterflies have brightly colored wings and the powder falling from them shimmers a little. Those who need butterfly wings Genshin Impact should find butterflies in the wild, especially across the wild in Mondstadt in Liyue.

1. Where to find Genshin Impact butterfly

Check out these butterfly Genshin Impact interactive map to know their whereabouts.

  • Mondstadt

A large number of butterflies can be farmed in Mondstadt vicinity like Windrise and Springvale area.

Make sure to check out the places with green fields and flowers as the butterflies in Genshin Impact also mimic real-life like other in-game entities.

Butterfly Map
Genshin Impact butterfly map.
  • Liyue

The most abundant Genshin butterfly locations in Liyue must be Wangshun and Qingce Village.

2. How to catch butterfly Genshin Impact

You may come across this blue floating insect almost anywhere on the map, but catching it can be among the most frustrating tasks.

They usually fly away and disappear very fast once you approach them. You can get butterfly wings as long as you are quick enough to grab the butterfly.

how to catch butterfly genshin impact
Sayu will not scare animals away, so using her will be a pro tip.

On another hand, Genshin Impact players can use Sayu while hunting butterflies or certain other entities in the game as they will not run away from this character as she gets close.

3. Can you buy butterfly wings in Genshin Impact?

Currently, the only way to get butterfly wings in Genshin Impact is to farm butterflies. And you can only find them in the wild.

How to use Butterfly in Genshin Impact

While butterfly wings in Genshin Impact may be one of the most polarizing items, it is undoubtedly amongst the most essential in your gameplay.

You can use Butterfly Wings to make Desiccant Potion, Dustproof Potion, Heatshield Potion, and Insulation Potion.

Butterfly Wing Potion
Players can use Butterfly Wings for many potions.

Once the player has a decent number of butterflies, they can use them to craft these magical spells in the game. Each potion requires one Butterfly Wing and they can apply the most useful effect when you are trying to fight formidable bosses like Thunder Manifestation, Oceanid, and more.

Potion Recipe
 Heatshield  Butterfly Wings ×1
Flaming Flower Stamen ×1
Mora ×100
Dustproof  Butterfly Wings ×1
Cor Lapis ×1
Mora ×100
 Desiccant Butterfly Wings ×1
Lotus Head ×1
Mora ×100

Like Genshin Impact frogs, butterflies are used for mystic yet inevitable reasons. That’s why you should stock up on these creatures to give tons of buffs and benefits to your team.

Genshin Impact Anemo butterfly

Butterflies in Genshin Impact do come in different forms and the Anemo butterfly is in fact the Crystal one that drops the hot stuff called Crystal Core.

At the time of writing, crystal butterflies have four elements: Anemo, Cryo, Geo, and Electro.

Each type can be found in its corresponding elemental land. For example, players can get Anemo butterfly mostly in Mondstadt while Electro Cystalfly is all around the wild in Inazuma.

Crystal Butterfly
A Crystal Butterfly of Anemo element.

They are mostly found near Teleport waypoints or the Statue of the Seven. Just run towards and grab them as quickly as possible.

Do remember that the butterfly Genshin Impact respawns in the same place every day, so don’t forget to do your farming.

Genshin Impact Hellfire Butterfly

Another sought-after butterfly counterpart in Genshin Impact is Hellfire Butterfly. The disparity is you can only get the 5-star material after completing the Narukami Island: Tenshukaku II Trounce Domain and defeating La Signora.

Players can unlock the domain by finishing the Archon Quest Chapter II, Act III Omnipresence Over Mortals.

La Signora
Defeating Signora will earn you some Hellfire Butterflies.

Make sure you are at least Adventure Rank 40 and have your roster at level 70 onward before accessing it in Inazuma City on Narukami Island.

After beating up La Signora, you can randomly get the Hellfire Butterfly using 30 or 60 Original Resin and open the Ley Line Blossom. If you do the Trounce Domain, Hellfire Butterfly is one of the three talent level-up materials alongside Ashen Heart and Molten Moment.

What characters use Hellfire Butterfly? At the moment, only Thoma and Kokomi use it as the items for their talent level-up.

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