The Windtrace event has recently made a comeback in Genshin Impact and fans are loving it. You can turn into the most random objects that can move around and use sleek tactics to win the game.

For the unknown, Rebels who do not use the Disguise function yet still win will earn a badge called "Faint Presence: Won without using Disguise". In each map, we will show you the Windtrace best hiding spots without disguise.

1. Searching the Silent Woods

In this small area with a slew of boxes and rocks, you can climb on top of a tree without having to turn into an object or use Transparency. With the high ground advantage, the Rebel can see all movements of the Hunter, hence having an easy escape route if needed.

Searching The Silent Woods
How to disguise in Windtrace is not important anymore with these spots.

2. Amidst Autumn Trees

This area also has high rooftops and trees that you can climb onto. From these locations, you can stalk the Hunter and have multiple escape routes. The only disadvantage is you are barely invisible from below.

Amidst Autumn Trees
One of Windtrace best hiding spots is on the roofs.

3. Terrace Patrol

From the spawn point, turn to your left and climb on the lantern pole. From there, hop onto the roof of the house and just stay there until the game ends. If the Hunter can see you, jump off and sprint to get away from their capture.

Terrace Patrol

4. Central Hall Shadow Chasers

In the Kamisato State, players should choose to climb to the angle of the roofs. Before the game starts, make sure to choose tall male characters such as Zhongli or Thoma as only they can easily climb this terrain.

Central Hall Shadow Chasers
Hardly any Hunter reaches this angle.

On another hand, if you are using tiny model characters, you can look to hide under the house. Use Transparency will make it easier to sneak in between the ground pillars and run around down there.

In other cases, you can actually use Aloy since very few players use her and rarely see how she looks. She also blends well with the buildings in most Inazuma maps.

Central Hall Shadow Chasers 2
Use little characters to get in this secret spot.

5. Ritou Runaround

It seems quite understandable why high spots are usually the most ideal place to hide. It's one of the tips to win as Rebel.

From the highest branch of the big tree surrounded by Ema prayer boards, you can spy on the Hunter while also having the ability to escape in different directions.

However, make sure you will not fall down while climbing as the higher it gets, the leaner the branches are.

Ritou Runaround
It requires more carefulness to reach the peak of the tree.

6. Winery Clash

One more pick among Windtrace best hiding spots without disguise is behind the house, on the tree. We turned into a barrel in the picture below, but you can stay in character all along without being noticed.

An additional place to hide in Dawn Winery is the roof. You can only get there by climbing from the side of the Main Entrance, that one with the Balcony.

Winery Clash
You don't have to turn into a chair or a lamp using this corner.

7. The Hidden Trials

Almost no Hunter will look on the tower with an NPC guard there. Even if spotted, the player will have more time than usual to escape. You may choose to either blend in and stand with the NPC or stay hanging on the sides of the tower.

The Hidden Trials
Climb around the tower to avoid Hunter's sight, but don't fall.

8. In A City of Yore Concealed

There’s a famous gap between the two structures that only child-model characters can fit. You can use Diona, Sayu, Qiqi, or Klee.

However, considering how this place has gathered lots of talks, you may still get caught especially from above.

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