Choosing the right Genshin Impact characters is one of the best tips for the Windtrace event. Here are the best characters to win the Hide and Seek game in the Genshin Impact Windtrace event.

#1. Kaeya

Kayea is the fastest character in Genshin Impact now. His high sprint speed makes him the best character for both Rebels and Hunters in the Windtrace event. You can run and escape Hunters quickly as Rebels. If you are Hunters, use his sprint speed to chase Rebels when they are trying to run away.

Kaeya Genshin
Kaeya has a high sprint speed.

#2. Childe

Childe is one of the tallest characters in Genshin Impact. The character's height also affects their moving speed. For example, short characters often run slowlier than tall characters. In addition, high characters can climb faster than small characters like Qiqi and Sayu. Therefore, Childe is an ideal character for Hunters in this event.

Childe Genshin
Childe can run fast.

#3. Zhongli

Zhongli is not only tall but he also wears a dark-color outfit. His desirable height makes him run and climb faster than many other characters. Besides, his attire helps him blend with trees and woods in a dark corner easily. Then, he can avoid being spotted when standing in shadows on the maps of Kamistato Estate and Qingce Village.

Zhongli Windtrace

#4. Sayu

Though tall characters have better movement speed, small characters can sneak in small corners for Rebels. Therefore, Sayu is an ideal character for Rebels. Her outfits also blend with grasses and bushes perfectly. So, this small character can stand inside the grape garden in Dawn Winery or high bushes in Silent Woods. Kamistato Estate and the City of Yore Concealed maps also have some small gaps for this character to hide.

Sayu can sneak into small gaps

#5. Qiqi

Like Sayu, Qiqi can also sneak into small gaps on the map to hide. This adorable character will be nearly invisible at night because of her outfit. The color of her outfit almost blends with the dark color of night.

Qiqi is also a small character.

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