Dragonspine is a region of frozen peaks and wildly freezing snow. Although Genshin Impact players can run and climb and glide anywhere they want, a huge catch is the sheer cold temperature here can make them suffer.

If travelers cannot find any heat source, they will lose their HP really fast once the sheer cold status effect meter is filled.

To help you know how to survive Sheer Cold Genshin Impact, here’s a list of the best ways to warm up.

How to survive sheer cold Genshin Impact? Here's a full guide for you.

Genshin Impact sub zero climate mechanics

You can find the Sheer Cold meter at the bottom of the screen as you enter the region of Dragonspine. It appears as a blue bar above the HP line.

As you make further way into the snow-covered mountain of the area, the meter will continue to fill, indicating you are getting more and more freezing. If the bar is filled, your character will gradually lose HP and fall down. To stop this from happening, you will have to find sources of warmth.

How to survive the Sheer Cold Genshin Impact

There are several ways you can use to warm up in the Dragonspine area.

The most usual means is fire and it comes into different forms.

Light Torch And Bonfire
Find a warmth source and light it with Pyro characters.

1. Bonfires/torches

Pyro characters may be expected to light fires for warmth, but they cannot. To survive the sheer cold Genshin Impact, what they can do is lighting bonfires and torches around the zone.

Also, fires under cooking spots can work. You may head to campsites as a safe place while exploring.

2. Warming Seelie

Those who have played Genshin Impact already know the blue Seelies that float around and lead travelers to treasure chests. Seelies in Dragonspine is known as Warming Seelies with an orange color.

While they will also guide you to treasure chests, standing and running near them will also decrease the hiking cold status. They will also permanently settle down in their statue and provide warmth, so you may note down their locations for convenience.

Warming Seelie
Following Warming Seelies will keep you warm.

Trying to find a shortcut up the mountain or off the beaten path is risky, as there’s no guarantee there will be a heat source nearby to quell the cold.

3. Warming Bottle

This may be the best way to survive the sheer cold Genshin Impact, especially while you’re fighting monsters like the Snowboar King. Following the paths with fire sources may not be smart in this case as it takes you a lot of time going back and forth.

Warming Bottle Recipe
The Warming Bottle can entirely reset the Sheer Cold meter, giving you more time to stay in the freezing weather.

To make a warming Bottle, you must follow these steps:

  • Increase the Frostbearing Tree to level 4.
  • Get the blueprint for Warming Bottle afterward.
  • Head to crafting benches and craft it with 2 Starsilvers, 2 Flaming Flower Stamen.

4. Teleport waypoints and the Statue of the Seven

Teleport to these destinations will also erase the Sheer Cold from your status. Moreover, the Statue of the Seven will also heal your team completely if they are deprived of HP after combat.

5. Goulash

Adventurers can get this hearty goulash dish after completing the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” quest at the Adventurer camp, found at the base of the mountain. This Genshin Impact sheer cold food is essential to keep you warm, although it can't reduce the chill completely.

All you need is:

To warm yourself up in Dragonspine, a cooking recipe called Soulash will help.

Consuming this soup will decrease the sheer cold over time, although not outright. Still, it’s a great recipe that will help you big time in this region.

6. Scarlet Quartz

You will spot these blood-red mineral nodes all over the Dragonspine region. Breaking these and picking up the gem will grant you a little buff of warmth.

Scarlet Quartz
Scarlet Quartz is important especially when you try to Thaw the Shard Out or unlock the Peak of the Vindagnyr domain.

7. Ruin Braziers

There are Ruin Brazers scattered around the mountain. If you come across any, activate it to lower your Chill meter.

Fire Source Sheer Cold
You can find fire sources along the main routes dotting the mountain’s trails.

8. Healer

Finally, having a Genshin Impact healer in your roster will make things a little bit easier. Use Barbara or Noeller so that their skills can patch up other characters before the HP stoops so low.

Using Healers is a smart method when it comes to how to survive sheer cold Genshin.

The Sheer Cold may be an obstacle for players on their way to complete quests. However, just adopt the most proper means and you will be able to prevent your character from losing their HP unneccessarily.

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