The Anemo sword user Kazuha is coming back to the game in the upcoming version 2.5. It's essential to get well-prepared before pulling for Kazuha in his upcoming rerun banner. Let's find Kazuha Best Weapon and ATK tactics to have a powerful Anemo DPS for your team here.

I. Kazuha Best Sword

There are many good swords for Kazuha. But you should choose the best sword for each role of this character. This 5-star Anemo character can play as a powerful DPS in your Anemo team. Besides, he is also a useful supporter as long as you choose the right weapons for him.

Kazuha Genshin
Kazuha is returning in the upcoming Rerun banner.

#1. Best sword for Kazuha's DPS role

Kazuha is a good Anemo character for the Anemo DPS and sub-DPS position in any team, especially Pyro and Anemo teams. To boost his power and damage, you should give him a good sword with decent base ATK, CRIT rates, or Physical ATK bonuses.

Swords Weapon Stats How to get it?
Primordial Jade Cutter
  • Primordial Jade Series
  • Base ATK: 44 - 542
  • CRIT Rate: 9.6% - 44.1%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Wishes
Aquila Favonia
  • Base ATK: 48 - 674
  • Physical ATK Bonus: 9% - 41.3%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Wishes
The Black Sword
  • Gnostic Hymn Series
  • Base ATK: 48 - 674
  • CRIT rate: 6% - 27.6%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass

Apart from high base DMG, the CRIT rate and Physical ATK bonus are also important statistics that buff his damage. While the physical DMG bonus makes his normal, charged, and plunge attacks more powerful, the CRIT rate increase the damage of his Anemo skills and bursts.

Primordial Jade Cutter
Primordial Jade Cutter gives Kazuha great Elemental burst DMG buffs.

#2. Best weapon for Kazuha's Support role

Kazuha's Anemo skills help reduce the elemental resistance while his bursts gather enemies. Therefore, he is a very useful supporter in the Pyro and Cryo teams when fighting against mobs. You should give him a sharp and strong sword with a decent Elemental Mastery buff.

Swords Weapon Stats How to get it?
  • Millennial Movement Series
  • Bast ATK: 46 - 608
  • Elemental Mastery: 43 - 198
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Wishes
Iron Sting
  • Infusion Series
  • Bast ATK: 42 - 510
  • Elemental Mastery: 36 - 165
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Forging (a Northlander Sword Billet + 50 Crystal Chunks + 50 White Iron Chunks + 500 Mora)
Sacrificial Sword
  • Sacrificial Series
  • Bast ATK: 41 - 454
  • Energy Recharge: 13.3% - 61.3%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Wishes

To buff his elemental skills and bursts for the supporter role, you should give him Elemental Mastery buffs and an Energy Recharge bonus. The Instructor artifact set also gives Kazuha decent Elemental Mastery buffs. This artifact set is also popular and easy to obtain.

Freedom Sworn
Freedom-Sworn is a good weapon for Kazuha's supporter role.

II. Best ATK Tactics For Kazuha

Kazuha can play solo but you need to know how to use his skills, attacks, and bursts right. Here are some tips and tactics for Kazuha in the supporter and DPS roles.

#1. Swirl & Spread Elements

As Genshin Impact Kazuha can create a big wind swirl and gather enemies. Besides, his wind swirls can expand the AoE of some elements, such as Pyro and Cryo to deal higher DMG. Continuous Swirl DMG combined with expanded burning/freezing effects of Pyro/Cryo bursts helps kill the boss faster.

Kaedehara Kazuha Best Team
His swirls can spread elemental effects of other characters.

But you need to save Kazuha's burst and use it when the burst attack of Pyro/Cryo DPS is ready to use. Use the elemental bursts of Ganyu/Hu Tao/Klee or your DPS first, and switch to Kazuha to use his burst right away. The normal/charged/plunge attacks of other characters deal more DMG during this phase.

#2. Jump & Plunge

Kazuha has a special skill of Chihayaburu that launches him to the air. After reaching the max height in the air, press the attack button to use his plunge attack. Kazuha's plunge attack is very powerful. It's useful when you are surrounded by a Hilichurl group. You can dodge their attacks and fight them off.

Plung Attack
His plunge attack is very useful in combat against mobs

#3. Anemo Buffs

Anemo resonance of Venti and Kazuha or Kazuha and Sucrose increase the Swirl DMG. Then their Swirls give them great Elemental Mastery buffs. Therefore, you can combine two Anemo characters in an Anemo team to make their elemental skills and bursts resonate. Then, two other characters also receive DMG buffs. You can use Diluc and Beidou to create insane Overloaded reactions during their bursts.

Anemo Team
Anemo team of Kazuha is very powerful against enemy groups.

Bonus: How To Choose A Sword

To choose the best sword for a character in Genshin Impact, you need to determine the role for that character first. If you need a DPS or sub-DPS, choose the sword with ATK/CRIT Rate/Physical DMG buffs. If you want to build a supporter or healer, give them Elemental Mastery/Energy Recharg buffs.

In addition, you need to check other stats of the sword. Some Genshin Impact weapons are more powerful and useful for certain elements. For example, the Lion's Roar increase DMG against enemies affected by Pyro and Electro by 20%. Next, choose the sword based on its base ATK and rate. 5-star weapons are often better than 4-star ones.

The name of Kazuha Best Weapon can be changed when other Swords are added to the game in the upcoming update. But now, you should pull/forge and enhance these swords for him. Get ready to build a powerful Anemo DPS before his Rerun banner in version 2.5.

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