The Windtrace event has returned in Genshin Impact 2.4. While old players are excited to join this interesting again, players who never tried this game can finally experience it with new zones.

Apparently, those who are appointed to be the Hunter need to chase down the Rebels in order to win. Meanwhile, the Rebels must hide away and not get caught. In this version, Ayaka or Mona’s Alternate Sprint has been restricted.

Windtrace Rebel
You will need these tips when it comes to how to win Windtrace Genshin as the Rebel.

However, you can still win as Rebels with many interesting tips. Here’s how to win Windtrace Genshin as the Rebel.

1. Choose the best character

Opting for a character playing Windtrace may appear pointless at first. However, this does provide you an edge over other players.

The best character to play the Rebel must be Xiao as his passive can decrease climbing stamina consumption by 20 percent. His short stature is also great for hiding behind buildings or big boxes.

xiao rosaria
Xiao and Rosaria may be the best character to use in Windtrace.

Rosaria can be a good choice too as she can increase the entire party’s movement speed by 10% at night time (18:00 – 6:00). However, you cannot stack it with passive talents with the same effect.

2. Hide in high spots

The most ideal location to hide in almost every zone in Windtrace is those on the height such as trees or peak of buildings. Most Hunters find it hard and time-inefficient to climb buildings or trees.

Besides, the Rebel will have enough time to glide and reach other spots if seen by the Hunter.

Hide On The Roof
A player hiding on the roof in Lay Bait mode.

3. Use Transparency

For Normal Attacks, the Rebel faction can choose between two Arts: Transparency or Lay Bait.

  • Lay Bait: Transform into a suitable bait to hide from Hunters. If the Hunter tries to seize the bait, their vision is obscured for a short while
  • Transparency: Lets players be temporarily invisible. The Hunter cannot see the Rebel during this time.

You are recommended to utilize Transparency more than Lay Bait. Even a short time of hidden mode can help you escape quickly from the current spot without being detected.

Lay Bait
Transparency is more recommended in this case.

Also, the skills can save you quite a time when Hunters use Sensor Aura. If the Rebel is notified by Sensor Aura, they can activate Transparency to hide and run elsewhere.

4. Blend in with the surroundings

The Windward Art Elemental Skill, or Disguise, is very useful. When tapping this skill, you can disguise yourself as one of the certain objects in the area, even if you are climbing.

Blend In As Lamp
How to win Windtrace Genshin as the Rebel: blend in smartly anywhere.

Not just that, some zones provide a small item for disguises like chairs and street lamps. The Rebel can manipulate this to hide as small decorations.

5. Don’t go after Favor

One minute before the game ends, there will be a Favor that can turn on the player’s Windwart Art for Elemental Burst. Those who are Rebels are not recommended to chase after this as it will disclose their location to Hunters.

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