Genshin Impact has been introducing new regions like Inazuma and Enkanomiya along with new characters, bosses, and new local specialties. However, some items remain superior as they are part of the most in-need and versatile recipes and goodies.

One of these is Sweet Flower Genshin Impact. Although it is quite common to come across in one’s world, farming it effectively will help you a lot in your adventure.

With that in mind, here’s a guide on where to find Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact and its many uses.

Sweet Flower Farmimg
Here's how you can quickly farm all Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact.

What is Genshin Impact Sweet Flower?

According to Genshin Impact, sweet flowers are, "Particularly fragrant flowers. They can be found easily, even in the dark. Just follow the scent."

It can be used in various contexts, as cooking materials or items in quests.

1. Cooking ingredient

Players can process them into sugar to make different foods or use them directly to cook a Sweet Madame. This is a recipe that is available from the early stage of the game.

A Sweet Madame is a roasted chicken that appears in Genshin Impact meme collection, used to restore 20024% of Max HP and a bonus of 900 - 1,500 HP when consumed.

Sweet Madame
Sweet Flower is used in an essential buff food and "Give10 sweet flowers to Helen" reputation quest.

This dish is also used to complete the Old Tastes Die Hard quest in Guili Plains. Players can get a good and quick 20 Primogems along with a Zhongyuan Chop Suey recipe.

2. Quest item

"Give 10 sweet flowers to Helen" is one of the Reputation Request in Mondstadt. Genshin players should stock up on this material as they will need a bunch of them to increase their Reputation Rank.

Where to find Sweet Flower Genshin Impact

There are several places where you can farm some Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact, both in the wild or from vendors.

1. Sweet flower Genshin map

Sweet flowers are not as rare as Glaze Lilies or Qingxin. You can pick these flowers almost anywhere you go across Teyvat.

You are most recommended to farm sweet flowers in Mondstadt and Liyue. The sweet flower Genshin map may not help a lot in this case as the spawn points look like they are everywhere.

Swwet Flower Interactive Map
Sweet Flower Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

On another hand, you may pinpoint these key places in Mondstadt where sweet flowers are fairly close together and there are not many high-level foes.

  • Stormbearer Mountain
  • Starfell Lake
  • Dawn Winery and the small island next to the Winery
  • Between Mondstadt and Windrise
  • Between the Thousand Winds Temple and Mondstadt
  • Northwest of Jueyun Karst

Meanwhile, players with low World Ranks should not look for this material in Inazuma and Liyue as the low spawn rate and challenging terrain may make the process inefficient. Until version 2.4, Dragonspine is the only area that spawns no Sweet Flowers.

2. Genshin Impact sweet flower purchase

Those who want a faster act than roaming around in the wild can opt to buy sweet flowers from Flora. The little florist has a shop near Mondstadt's entrance. You can buy 10 flowers, each costs 200 Mora, per day.

FYI, Flora also sells Calla Lilies and other flora

You can also buy other flowers apart from Sweet Flowers at Flora Whisper.

3. Expeditions

Apart from farming via purchasing and scavenging, sweet flowers can be collected via expeditions. Players can head to Katheryne in Adventure’s Guild and dispatch characters on expeditions.

This way, you may get 8-12 sweet flowers after a 20-hour hunt. In one week, players can receive an extra 56-84 Sweet Flowers with little effort.

4. Serenitea Pot gardening

Additionally, Genshin Impact players can use the farming feature in their teapot realm to get Sweet Flowers.

Sweet Flower Serenitea Pot
Planting sweet flowers in your Serenitea realm is also an effective way to farm them.

First, you must collect the sweet flower seeds from the overworld flower, with the use of Seed Dispensary. More seeds and any gardening plots in need can be purchased in the Realm depot.

When planted in the gardening system, Sweet Flowers need 2 days and 22 hours to fully grow. If you are willing to make this investment, gardening Sweet Flowers in the Serenitea Pot can also be a profitable way to make extras of this item.

Sweet Flower enemy?

While farming Sweet Flower Genshin Impact, you need to be aware that there’s an enemy disguising as this flower: Whopperflowers. As you approach a sweet flower without caution and take it, you will become a victim before the opponent arises from the ground and attack you.

Fake Swwet Flower
Avoid flowers with "..." icon, it's a trap!

The only way to tell them apart is to make sure that there’s a hand icon beside the flower when you interact with it, instead of the “…” icon.

Any flower in Genshin Impact that has a “…” icon is an enemy in disguise. They usually appear where a large number of Sweet Flowers spawn.

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