Although the background music of Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot is already enough to calm and soothe the players’ souls, certainly there are people who want to have some variety in their melodic home. After update 2.4, fortunately, you can now change the music in your teapot whenever you want.

However, this new feature is not up for free as it will cost you a few hundred of Realm Currency.

Teapot Genshin
Check out how to change music in Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact!

How to change music in Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact

Players that want to alter the music they hear upon entering the Teapot must use Radiant Spincrystals which lets them change both outdoor and indoor music.

Follow these steps to change your Serenitea Pot music track.

1. Purchase Radiant Spincrystal

You can get each Radiant Spincrystal from the Teapot Traveling Saleman, Chubby, for 100 Realm Currency. You can only find Chubby in your realm between Friday and Sunday.

As you acquire a Radiant Spincrystal, you will unlock a song as well as have the ability to play it in their manor. Besides, Chubby won’t let you buy a duplicate Radiant Spincrystal.

Radiant Spincrystal
Each Radiant Spincrystal represents a song that you can play in your realm.

2. Buy Euphonium Unbound items

Before getting Radiant Spincrystals, players should make sure to obtain one of these items in order for the songs to be played:

  • Euphonium Unbound: Soaring
  • Euphonium Unbound: Winding

While the Soaring lets you play music outdoor, Winding will allow you to play music inside your manor.

Euphonium Unbound
Euphonium Unbound is also a vital furnishing for your playlist.

You can buy both of them from Tubby – Chubby’s brother at the Realm Depot in the Teapot, from the Riches of the Realms for 300 Realm Currency.

3. Place the Euphonium Unbound

In order to play music in Genshin Impact, remember to place the Euphonium Unbound: Soaring and Euphonium Unbound: Winding in proper places.

  • In the Serenitea Pot, select the hand icon appearing close to the screen’s top-right corner and open the Edit menu.
  • Choose the Landscape section.
  • In the Ornament tab, choose your Euphonium Unbound.
  • Place it in the location where you will interact with it.
Place Euphonium
Place the Euphoniums in a convenient spot where you can head to and change the music.

4. Change the music

After having positioned the Euphonium Unbounds, leave the Edit menu and go to that location.

  • Interact with it to see the available Realm songs.
  • Choose any track and select the Switch option to have it played.

Moreover, you can directly unlock songs in the Euphonium Unbounds as long as they have enough amount of Radiant Spincrystals in their inventory. Just select the songs, then choose the Unlock option in the menu.

There are 46 available Radiant Spincrystals in the game, which equals 46 unique songs you can play.

Note: Genshin Impact players need not verify the songs they have unlocked before they buy a new Radiant Spincrystal from Chubby who sells two at once.

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