Genshin Impact Windtrace 2.4 event has come back to the game. Players are playing hide and seek with friends or random players in the Windtrace game, but there are many secret corners for rebels they haven't known. Check out and remember these secret corners for rebels in Windtrace 2.4.

#1. Crates/Barrels

Rebels have the ability to disguise some objects on the map, such as crates and barrels. So, hiding near the real barrels and crates on the Windtrace map, such as Kujou Encampment and The City of Yore Concealed. You can also jump to stand on real items so that hunters ignore you.

Turn into a crate or barrel.

#2. Inside Bushes

Some Windtrace 2.4 maps, such as Searching the Silent Woods, Winery Clash, and Terrace Patrol have many bushes. Especially, you can disguise yourself as a small lamp to hide inside bushes on Winery Clash. You can turn to small items and stand inside these bushes. When the hunter approaches to check, you can use the Invisibility skill to run away.

Hide In Bushes
Hide in bushes on any maps.

#3. Border Of Central Hall Shadow-Chasers

Central Hall Shadow-Chasers is the playing ground in Kamisato Estate, Inazuma. There is a hidden corner in the northern edge of this map where hunters rarely check. You have to jump from roof to roof to reach this hidden corner. Then, disguise your character as a small item on this map to hide.

Kamisato Estate Corner
A secret spot in Kamisato Estate

#4. Clipping Through Walls

Some walls allow players to cliff through when being in the form of an object. For example, the puppet in the Terrace Patrol in Qingce Village can clip through the rock, and only a small stick protrudes out of the wall. It's nearly invisible on the map.

#5. Silent Woods Waterfall

There is a waterfall in the stage of Searching the Silent Woods in Mondstadt. Not many hunters search and check the waterfall. So, you can stand inside it and avoid being captured. In addition, it's a nice hiding location for Mona and Ayaka because they can escape quickly if hunters check this corner.

Hide In The Waterfall
Hide in the waterfall in the Searching the Silent Woods stage.

#6. Underneath The Floor

The Central Hall Shadow-Chasers in Kamisato Estate has a mall gap underneath the floor where small characters like Sayu, Diona, Qiqi, and Klee can sneak in and hide. If the hunter uses tall characters like Diluc and Childe, they cannot capture you.

Kamisato Estate
The gap under the floor in Kamisato Estate.

#7. City of Yore Concealed Wall Gap

The stage in Guili Plains is a ruin with a lot of broken walls. You can find a small gap between two walls near the southern edge of the Windtrace stage. Some small characters like Sayu and Qiqi can easily access and hide in this gap while tall characters can hardly spot and discover this hidden place.

Hidden Corner
The hidden wall gap in the City of Yore Concealed.

Utilizing small characters to find, access, and hide in small gaps in the map is one of the best tips to win the Windtrace game for Rebels. For example, Sayu can stand inside high bushes in the map of Searching the Silent Woods to hide. Besides, choosing proper characters for each stage also helps you win as Rebels.

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