Every region in Genshin Impact has the most intriguing hidden gems to explore and Dragonspine is no exception. Besides the special concepts like the Frostbearing Tree and the sub-zero climate, Genshin Crimson Agate is also a specialty.

In fact, leveling the Frostbearing Tree will grant players lots of rewards, and finding the Crimson Agate is not easy work. Here’s our guide for you to find all of these floating gems, both out-there and hidden ones.

Crimson Agate Genshin
Check out all locations and how to find Crimson Agate in Genshin Impact1

1. Genshin Crimson Agate all locations

There are around 80 Genshin Impact Crimson Agates in total. You may find the first 10 on the starting zone of Dragonspine while the rest are more difficult to get. Besides, don’t confuse Scarlet Quartz and Crimson Agate as they both have a glowing red color.

The Crimson Agates are mostly in the wild and many can be seen on your minimap as you roam around. Like Geoculi and Anemoculi, the icon will appear on the map when you are near one.

You may take a look at this Crimson Agate locations interactive map to see where they position.

genshin impact crimson agate total
Genshin Impact Crimson Agate total is 80.

2. How to find Crimson Agate

Apart from looking at the Crimson Agate locations interactive map, you may need to do challenges, totem puzzles, or chest encounters to get Crimson Agates. The “In The Mountains” quest is one of those challenges that have Crimson Agates out in the open.

You can follow these tactics to get them:

  • Use Scarlet Quartz to melt Ancient Rime ice to get Crimson Agate.
  • Get Crimson Agate next to the Frostbearing Tree.
  • Climb the rocks, to the top if needed.
  • Glide down to get Crimson Agates that float in the air.
  • Defeat mechanical guards and remove the water to open the chest with a Crimson Agate inside.
  • Glide down from Teleport Waypoints.
  • Glide down from nearby rocks to reach Crimson Agates from the middle.
Crimson Agate
Getting all Crimson Agate will require a lot of climbing and gliding.

Note: After the Frostbearing Tree reaches level 8, players will unlock Crimson Wish missions that reward them Crimson Agate upon completion. There are 5 Crimson Wishes up for grabs at one time and they refresh every Monday and Friday.

3. Secret Crimson Agates

There are 7 Crimson Agates that are off the beaten path. These missing pieces need more steps to complete and one of them even takes a little patience to farm.

Starglow Cavern secret door

After reaching the top of Starglow Cavern, you will see a sealed stone door that requires you to collect 3 treasure boxes in Dragonspine to open.

Completing this "Priest, Princess, and Scribe" quest will unveil some treasure and a secret Agate.

Starglow Cavern Secret Door
The "Priest, Princess, and Scribe" quest requires players to get three treasure boxes.

Feeding foxes

This is the secret Agate that requires the most time. At the bottom of the cave leading to Skyfrost Nail, you shall see an abandoned camp and a bowl. You can put berries in the bowl five real-time days in a row to feed the local foxes.

Find the Eight Stone Tablets

This long quest spans through the whole mountain’s entirety. You need to hunt 8 stone tablets down. Some of them are easy to see while others are hidden away by other quests.

While you are out exploring every Genshin Crimson Agate location, make sure to prevent yourself from suffering from the sheer cold and getting the HP drained.

Wall Puzzle

Between the Entombed City Outskirts and Wyrmrest Valley, there are pressure plates surrounding the wall. Standing each of them will make the symbol on the wall light up.

Wall Puzzle Crimson Agate
Genshin Crimson Agate can be achieved after you finish this puzzle.

You must light the first set of symbols first, then move to the remaining to spawn the chest. Just note which pressure plates are connected to which of the wall symbols.

Defeat the Snowboar King

Another quest that helps you retrieve every Genshin Impact Crimson Agate is starting the Ah, Fresh Meat quest and slaying the Snowboar King. You may get the Agate afterward.

The Lonely Island

This Crimson Agate is a little far from the mountain. You can reach it by gliding from the cliff above the nearest Hilichurl camp to Dragonspine in Dadaupa Gorge.

Before jumping off, look for a cliff with a Scarlet Quartz and break it to break the ice and get the Crimson Agate on the island.

Genshin Crimson Agate Lonely Island
Go to the Lonely Island on the edge of the region to get the rare Agate.

Flooded Cages

Down the way from the Starglow Cavern entrance, you may find a puzzle with Cryo totems. Activate the totems and the water will run out, revealing switches in ice.

Break the Quartz nearby to melt the ice and completely drain the ruin. One of the revealing cages will have a hidden Agate inside.

4. Crimson Agate rewards

The rewards you can get from offering Agates to the Frostbearing Tree vary from Adventure Rank EXP, Mora, weapon enhancement materials, and more. The maximum level of the Tree is 12.

  • Wishes: 3 Acquaint Fates and 1 Intertwined Fate
  • Character experience material
  • Northlander Polearm Prototype
  • Namecard
  • Diagram: Frostbearer (recipe to make the Frostbearer Catalyst)
  • Crown of Insight
  • Wind Glider: Wings of Concealing Snow
  • Diagram: Warming Bottle

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