Radish is a very popular cooking ingredient in Genshin Impact. You need this vegetable in many dishes. Finding the best farming route of Radish helps Travelers save a lot of Mora. Check out where to find Radish in Genshin Impact and how to use it here.

I. Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact

The first and cheapest way to ger radish in Genshin Impact is collecting in the Open World. This vegetable grows all over the Teyvat continent. You can find and collect it in some gardens in Mondstadt, on the fields in Liyue, and Inazuma. Here are the best locations to pick up radishes in the wild in Genshin Impact. You can collect this material when traversing the map.

Radish Locations
Keep in mind all these radish locations in Genshin Impact.

#1. Mondstadt locations

The best place where to find Radish in Genshin Impact is the vegetable garden in Dawn Winery, Mondstadt. When you roam around Springvale and Dawn Winery, you can find a small village with some vegetable gardens. Many radishes grow in those gardens.

In addition, you can also pick up some radish when investigating wooden crates in the village. These radishes can be grown by local people in those villages. Apart from radishes, Travelers can also get many Mushrooms, Carrots, and Philanemo Mushrooms around Dawn Winery and Springvale.

Farm Radish
You can collect many radishes in the vegetable gardens in Springvale.

#2. Liyue locations

Radishes also grow well in Liyue. You can find and collect four radishes near the Stone Gate in Liyue every day. Besides, Nantianmen and Bishui Plain in Liyue are two among the best places to find and collect Radish in Genshin Impact.

Radish spawns every 24 hours. So, you can come back to those locations to pick up more radishes every day. You can also get some radishes by investigating the small house next to the Statue of Seven in Dihua Marsh.

Genshin Impact Dawn Winery Radish Location
Radishes can be planted on the ground or stored in wooden crates.

#3. Inazuma locations

There are bunches of radishes for Genshin Impact Travelers to collect in Higi Village, Inazuma. There is a small radish garden near small houses in this village. You can collect these radishes and cook them at the outdoor stove on the nearby mountain cliff.

There is another way to collect radishes in Genshin Impact from the wild for free: Expeditions. Send your characters to Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue and Wolvendom in Mondstadt to collect 8-12 radishes every 20 hours from each location.

Send your characters to go on Expeditions and collect radishes every day.

II. How to buy Radish Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players can also buy Radish if they don't have time for traveling. This cooking ingredient is sold by Chef Mao in Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor and Shimura Kanbei at his restaurant in Inazuma City. Each radish costs you 315-350 Mora. Chef Mao sells you 10 radishes every 3 days while Shimura sells you 10 radishes every week. Buying radish is the fastest way to collect this ingredient, but it's also the most expensive way.

Purchase Radish
Players can buy many radishes from Chef Mao and Shimura Kanbei

III. How to plant White Radish Genshin Impact

Apart from collecting radish in the wild and purchasing it, Genshin Impact players can also plant radish in the Serenitea Pot. The gardening system in the Teapot Realm allows you to grow eight radishes every 70 hours. Follow these steps to grow radishes in your Genshin Impact Teapot Realm.

  • Go to the Teapot Realm and find Tubby.
  • Talk to Tubby and open his Realm Depot.
  • Buy A Path of Value: Jade Field from the 'Riches of the Realm' section and place the jade field plots in your garden. You can buy two jade field plots.
Radish Seeds
Purchase or collect radish seeds
  • Purchase 5 radish seed bags per week from the 'Creatures of the Realm' section. Besides, you can use the Seed Dispensary to collect its seeds.
  • Go to the Jade Field plots and tap on the 'Plant in the Jade' button.
  • Select Radish seed to plant it.

Then, wait to harvest it after 70 hours in real-life time. But the vegetable will stop growing up if you switch to another Realm. You need to stay in the Realm with the radish garden.

Plant Radish
Plant radishes in your Teapot garden.

IV. How to use Radish in Genshin Impact

Radish can be used in many dishes in Genshin Impact, including Recovery, ATK-boosting, Stamina-restoring dishes. Here are all the current dishes that require radishes.

  • Radish Veggie Soup
  • Fried Radish Balls
  • Radish and Fish Stew
  • Five Pickled Treasures
  • Sashimi Platter

Those are all locations where to find Radish in Genshin Impact that you should know. Collect, buy, and plant as many radishes as possible to cook more ATK-boosting dishes to consume before combat. These dishes make your character more powerful.

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